Monthly Archives: December 2007

People, you need to see the movie Ratatouille! It’s so cute and well done… I highly recommend it! ….Last night John took me to St. Paul for some dinner and dancing! :) It was part of my birthday celebration from the 18th. We had yummy Mexican food at Boca Chica and then went straight to the Wabasha Caves for some swing dancing lessons and hours of swing dancing! Well, more like 1 hour… it became more frustrating than fun for us when we could not seem to get it figured out. Part of the reason is that I have trouble dancing if we’re not on the beat and John has trouble dancing to the beat… so, you can imagine the frustration. I’m glad we tried it though! After trying until we just couldn’t take it anymore, we left to go drive around St. Paul, our favorite city! We hope to move there in the next few months; there’s this one part of town that we both adore and we found a super cute apartment complex that we hope to move into soon. I’m trying to find a nursing assistant job in St. Paul so I can get some experience, get connected to a hospital, and to make some extra $$ to afford living there. Pray for me!! I just found out I didn’t get the NA job at St. Joseph’s, which is my dream hospital to work at as a nurse. All in God’s plan though, I know he has something else planned for me.  


History buff-to-be?

Lately I’ve been blessed with some extra time on my hands now that the semester is over. It’s always a difficult time when I’m not busy though because of all the temptations to waste time and fill it with needless entertainment. But today I picked up one of my $5 summer deal books from, A God Entranced Vision of All Things: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards and I can’t put it down! It’s so interesting and rich with lessons from early Reformed Christians of the 18th century. I used to hate, let me emphasize the word hate, reading history, but I feel I am actually gaining something very valuable from this book. The chapter about Jonathan’s wife, Sarah, was especially good…. she was an amazing wife and mother (11 children…). Maybe this will lead me into reading more historical Christian biographies. Any suggestions? 


Well since I’ve been home alone all day, I’ve been on wordpress quite a bit and just need to report to the world how excited I am that my husband gets to come home early today! He called me from work and then while talking, he heard that the Y is closing early due to the snow storm today. I’m pumped because I hardly get to spend time with him past 10am it seems. He’ll come home from work between 8pm and 10:30pm on most days, and by then he’s usually completely pooped and I’m usually finishing up studying… So, not that you all had to know about this, but I am very happy. :) The snow is pretty, but I was stuck at home for the day and can’t wait for my husband to come home. :) Well, I’m off to spend some time in prayer for him.. I don’t promise that my posts will be anything worth reading, but I hope you do enjoy them!

Well I’ve transitioned over to wordpress from blogger, with a much frustration I might add. It only imported 3 of my 8 posts, so that is why I had to manually bring the other 5 over. Doesn’t look as nice or flow as well, but oh well I guess.It’s SNOWING right now!! I love snow, so pretty, so peaceful.Ha, well that’s about it. I’m really tired because I took a 3 hr nap last afternoon/evening and then couldn’t fall asleep last night until 3:30am because of it…