Monthly Archives: March 2008

Current events

“Hey all the snow/ice has finally melted! yay!” was what I said to my husband at 8:00am this morning. Now, we have about 5 inches of snow on the ground.  Oh Minnesota… ————–In other news, I’ve decided to officially leave facebook for good now. No longer will I submit to that yoke of slavery!  I’m pretty pumped about it (but hope people don’t forget I exist now). —————Update: Forgot to mention another accomplishment (snow is an accomplishment?) of the day… I finished my resume and my application essay to a nursing job for new graduates at two of my favorite hospitals in the cities! So, after hearing back from a good friend on her suggestions for editing them, I will be printing them and mailing it off. This is my first time applying to a “real” job, so I’m a bit nervous. I need to trust that God has it figured out and he will provide me a job if he wills it. Worrying won’t help… (preaching to myself)…


Temptation to splurge on…. books.

One of my good friends used to say, upon walking by a Macy’s shoe sale, “Oh dear, I loves shoes so much… I could eat them.” I guess you had to be there. But my point is, I have that same feeling sometimes when it comes to books. I doubt this is terribly common in this world, especially in our crazy busy technology savvy culture, to feel such a desire for buying– books! Especially books about God, scripture, theology, Puritans, Calvinism, etc. I’ve somehow come across some amazing online Christian bookstores in the past few days and have subsequently discovered the many books that I hope to read someday. One such website is the Westminster Theological Seminary bookstore site. It seems to be THE place to go (online, that is) to find any and all Reformed Christian books and Bibles. And just to share my borderline dangerous excitement… within a few hours (yes, I believe I spent hours browsing on there), I somehow managed to have 32 items added to my cart. No intention on buying any of them (yet!). The extra bonus temptation is that everything is discounted a significant amount…. sigh.  I go through seasons like this where I crave learning more about anything having to do with God/Scripture. I think part of it is because I lacked good teaching (e.g. sermons that had nothing to do with scripture…) for the first 20 years of my life and now that I know it’s out there, I reaaally desire it. Anyway, I could go on, but this really won’t be a fun read for anyone. Let me end by asking for your prayer that I may exercise self-control and be wise with how (much?) I spend money on books… 

Lasted 5 minutes

Interesting how 5 minutes while doing anything at home goes by in a snap of the fingers, but my attempt at running outside today only lasted about 5 minutes yet felt like an hour. Oh boy, my body was not prepared for running again. I’ve been off and on running, and I mean really off and on (three times a week for two weeks and then months of no running/exercising, for example), for many years now and I’m really getting sick of never sticking to it. I know this is the story of all our lives, but honestly, I want to commit to running more often and make it a habit. It’s not that I want to become a star marathoner or anything, but to at least take care of my body and treat it as the temple of the Holy Spirit as I’ve always wanted to do. The words of the apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans really ring true here… I don’t do the things that I know I should do or want to do.  (And I do that quite well! ha)  So I hope by sharing this new (for the ?th time) endeveor with the “world” (aka the blogging community) will help keep me a little more accountable and track my progress. 

moving onto better (yummier) topics

I realize my last post was a rather complaint oriented post… this one will hopefully not be! I’ve been feeling better the past few days now and am just about back to health!  Now onto other topics-Recently I’ve discovered that I really really enjoy cooking. I didn’t have hardly any experience cooking until I got married last summer, and I’ll admit, I was more scared and overwhelmed than excited about it.  Slowly but surely I’ve tried simple recipes, some more complicated (and frustrating/messy), and now I’m feeling like I might actually become a good cook sooner than later! Last week I made a white chicken chili (thanks to a lovely older lady from my church sharing a recipe with me!) and it was yum-o! (Sorry but yes, I do like a little Rachael Ray now and then) Only bad part was that it was probably a recipe for 6-8 servings and there are only… two of us. So, after 4 days of eating the same thing, I started getting sick of it. Then, to solve the problem, I made my first pan of meatloaf! Thanks to my mother-in-law for her very simple recipe!  Husband surely liked it too. Now, I’m starting to dabble with the idea of purchasing some international foods cookbooks, like Indian and Italian foods. Husband has already given up on indian food because of two bad experiences, but I am determined to help him realize that he does indeed like it! My sister, who is big into cooking, recommended some cookbooks to me and I’ve found some more. Do any of you (other than my sister!) have any suggestions? Websites are nice too… 

Sick, or just Sick-er?

I think I’ve been off and on sick for the past month or so, and honestly am getting real sick of it (sorry for the horrible pun). I think I’ve had to call into work (or class/clinicals) 3-4 times since January; not a very good reflection of my work ethic, but what can you do when you keep getting sick? Yesterday, for example, 100% healthy (to my knowledge), then today, woke up with a very sore throat and upset stomach. Grrrr bugs! I also finally had to call the quits with my nursing home job because of 1) getting sick so often, 2) need to focus that time on school, 3) we’ll be moving out of town soon, and 4) my husband has had no clean socks for about a week due to my lack of time to do laundry! I’m sure the last reason is negotiable… but it just proves my point. Plus, working at a nursing home is quite the stressor and wasn’t helping me recoup over the weekend from school. So, now that phase of working is done… it was tough, but I’m glad to have had the experience of doing the dirty work as a nursing assistant; no doubt it will help me be a better nurse in a few months! yikes! 

Happy Easter… the true meaning of it!

Growing up, I was always excited about easter, but the reason why was because of course it meant lots of yummy chocolately treats and lots of pretty spring colored eggs! And who could forget the cute easter bunny! But… and it’s sad to admit to this, I started to realize the true meaning of Easter only a few years ago, probably toward the end of high school when God was drawing me to Himself and I surrendered my life to Him.   I honestly did not know that Easter was so great because of the empty tomb, the risen Christ who defeated sin and death. All along, even though I considered myself Christian, I didn’t know that Easter was about HIM instead of the Easter bunny. Just goes to show the power of culture and pagan traditions that so easily cloud/distract us from God. I’m sure Satan loves all the springy meanings of Easter…. and seriously, I do think they are okay if they are celebrated for the beginning of spring and not focused on Easter Sunday. So I pray that we believers will cling to the cross and the atoning work of Christ this Easter and take in the joy that He has done the work for us and that we can now be in perfect fellowship with our LORD forever… We could not ever ask for more!  

Gimme some CCCC

CCCC stands for chocolate Caribou Coffee cooler in my mind. I just thought it was nifty (yes, nifty) that it had such a long alliteration. Oh how I miss simple english classes of middle school…. I just finished one of the many last few nursing exams that I’ll ever have to take (can’t forget the big kahuna, the state Boards exam….). It was about nursing delegation (or in more formal terms- directing), controlling (performance appraisals, budgets, audits, the fun stuff… not), and then change and conflict. So really, it’s all stuff that I have hardly any experience with yet as a nursing student. Definitely makes answering 60 tricky multiple choice questions tough. I always thought MC exams would be a synch, but not nursing ones. We get to look at the key after we turn our exams in to see how we did, and I believe I counted 14 questions that I got wrong. Oh yippee. ‘Twas why I stopped by CC on the way home for a CCCC….  and now I’m off to do my weekly statistics for science homework.

But… by 7pm tonight I get to go to the first meeting of my church homemaking group! (Titus 2 groups) I guess only 2 of the 6 girls can actually make it, because of holy week stuff, but I will definitely cherish the time off from studying or doing assignments. Then tomorrow all I have is a day of mental health nursing clinicals at the VA and then… SPRING BREAK!  

*(Sorry this post was more a run-down of what is going on. That’s what happens when I’m in school mode…. only 2 more months of it though!)*