Oh politics…

Though this is nothing new to me, today I was especially reminded of my frustration with news and politics. Being married to a staunch Republican seems to help and make it more complicated at the same time, somehow. I was listening to KTLK while driving this afternoon and heard a story about the Minnesota gas tax and how Kare11 news didn’t apparently cover the story accurately, according to KTLK/Fox News. What bothers me is that I honestly don’t know who to believe about anything regarding politics or news anymore. I’m sure eventually I’ll figure this out, but it seems like everyone claims that what they are saying is correct, so really, how can anyone know what the truth really is? (Another reason that I’m SO glad to have the TRUE Word of God to rest upon at all times in any situation!!) But seriously, when it comes to current events, especially those involving political views/agendas, how can we know what is truly going on in the world? This is when I usually click off the TV, turn off the radio, X out of the website, and just let it go and trust that God has given others the ability to decipher the truth in the news and the power to do what’s right.  I know, at least for now, I’m not to that point yet… 


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