Sick, or just Sick-er?

I think I’ve been off and on sick for the past month or so, and honestly am getting real sick of it (sorry for the horrible pun). I think I’ve had to call into work (or class/clinicals) 3-4 times since January; not a very good reflection of my work ethic, but what can you do when you keep getting sick? Yesterday, for example, 100% healthy (to my knowledge), then today, woke up with a very sore throat and upset stomach. Grrrr bugs! I also finally had to call the quits with my nursing home job because of 1) getting sick so often, 2) need to focus that time on school, 3) we’ll be moving out of town soon, and 4) my husband has had no clean socks for about a week due to my lack of time to do laundry! I’m sure the last reason is negotiable… but it just proves my point. Plus, working at a nursing home is quite the stressor and wasn’t helping me recoup over the weekend from school. So, now that phase of working is done… it was tough, but I’m glad to have had the experience of doing the dirty work as a nursing assistant; no doubt it will help me be a better nurse in a few months! yikes! 


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3 responses to “Sick, or just Sick-er?

  • Jennifer

    hey, did you ever consider that you might be sick from some type of allergies?? Especially since it comes on quickly and frequently….just a thought

  • minnesotamom

    Bummer! My only advice is to make sure you’re getting plenty of rest, avoiding unnecessary stress (which as it sounds, may have both been problems) and eating right. God created the body with the ability to fight off almost anything and heal itself, but we have to do our part to take care of it, as well. But then, you already know more about this than me, because you’re going to be a NURSE!!!

    Hope you feel better soon, my friend.

  • imaginecreation

    Hey . . . I know I already commented but here I go again. :)

    Where do you attend school? My husband is a fire suppression and Paramedic student right now in Salem Oregon . . . its rigorous!! Holy Cow. Spring break just ended and he’s back at it today . . . sounds like you’ve got your plate full as well!!

    God bless!

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