Hope for a “wandering” show

(I know my titles are a bit odd, but I’m trying to be creative… I’m going to be a nurse, not a writer, k? Just remember that.)So my post today is about the show Oprah. I can’t make this long because I have things to get to, but today I watched a very very interesting show about a true story of mistaken identity. Two girls were in a serious car accident two years ago and the coroner made the mistake of identifying the killed victim as the wrong girl. So, the girl that survived was then actually thought to be someone else, since her real identity was now thought to have died. (sounds confusing, sorry).It ended up being a much better show than I expected. See I used to watch Oprah quite often back when I lived with my parents growing up, because my mother watched that and Dr. Phil (before it was just plain trash) quite often and I didn’t think anything of it, in fact I enjoyed them both. Since growing in my faith in Jesus over the past few years has led me to desire to rid myself of my old self and not fill my mind/spirit with things of this world, I’ve lately been trying not to watch the show anymore. Oprah’s new-age spirituality is becoming a big focus of her show and magazine (and the world it seems), so I’ve tried to stay away from letting it seep into my life. But, this show really did catch my attention and I allowed myself to watch it (risky, I know.)Near the end of the show I was very pleased to see and hear the two families that were there, along with the girl that survived, speak of their faith in Jesus and the forgiveness and mercy they’ve received from God through Jesus. This was their answer to why they don’t feel so much bitterness and anger toward God for what happened. I was super surprised that Harpo didn’t cut that part out, because Jesus’ name was definitely proclaimed! Another one of the guests actually quoted scripture! For once truth was told on a show that seems to be going in such a bad direction. The funny (not really) part was Oprah’s responses to anything mentioned about Jesus or Scripture…. she would just make a general overarching feel-good new-age-y statement that didn’t really respond to them clearly pointing to Jesus as their source for their joy and peace in such a difficult season.So I was pretty stoked about this and my next thought was “I wonder if the oprah website actually put those words on their little show feature and didn’t take out the name of Jesus.” Hmmm… so I took a look. Of course, not to my surprise, Jesus’ name was nowhere to be seen. Instead, it said this: ‘Newell says. “I know it’s because of the forgiveness that we have experienced through our relationship and our faith.”‘ Relationship to…. who? Jesus!! I immediately found a way to send a comment to whoever would receive it at Oprah.com and mentioned the inaccurate recording of that man’s words. I doubt they’ll change it or that they’ll even respond, but at least I’ve done what I can. Only good thing I noticed was that they did include the bit of scripture that the other guest said.I probably won’t watch this show much at all anymore, but I’m sure glad perhaps some (millions) of viewers this afternoon heard the truth of Jesus as one true mediator between us dirty sinners and a loving, merciful, holy God. And it always a good reminder how God can use such a worldly show (much like how we’re still sinners, prone to wander from our Shepherd) for His glory.


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Lover and follower of Jesus, wife to a loving husband, cardiac nurse in a big city hospital, aspiring cook and baker, notorious night owl, and enjoyer of all the gifts God has graciously given me! View all posts by Carrie

2 responses to “Hope for a “wandering” show

  • minnesotamom

    Good post, Carrie. I’m glad you took action and contacted someone at the website. Sometimes it’s hard to the right thing like that.

  • texasknights

    Hey Carrie! For some strange reason I did not think you had a blog. So…here I am. I am anxious to have more time to take a closer look. Happy weekend!

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