Shall we say, Senioritis?

I hate to make an excuse for my lack of motivation, but it is difficult to do really repetitive/boring homework assignments, knowing that in about 45 days you’ll be home free for the rest of your life. Sometimes this thought produces mass amounts of motivation, but that’s usually not while I’m actually doing the work. How inconvenient. I hate to complain about all the homework, but I guess since I’ve been in school 9 months of every year for the past 17 years, I have the “right” to feel unmotivated and sick of it, wouldn’t you agree? (Btw, I don’t particularly like the new fad of everyone having the “right” to whatever they feel is right and good for them… where do these apparent “rights” come from anyway? Off my soapbox…) Also, it doesn’t probably help that I now got my husband started on wordpress and am a bit (no, super!) excited about it. He’s on his second blog post of the night right now! Yippee! If you’re reading this, you must promise to at least click on my blogroll link to his blog and if you feel the urge, comment too! I know that would make him (and me) happy. And shouldn’t we all just do what makes us happy? Ha… I laugh.

And with that, I return to my 13 page “multiple patient analysis of nursing care” paper… and expect to see the clock read 5am at this rate.


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Lover and follower of Jesus, wife to a loving husband, cardiac nurse in a big city hospital, aspiring cook and baker, notorious night owl, and enjoyer of all the gifts God has graciously given me! View all posts by Carrie

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