As I stare at this thing called a Blog…lets make a deal

I truely haven’t grasped the concept of the blog. I don’t even know why I have this blog except for the reason that it makes my wife happy. The sheer amount of posting is overwhelming. I don’t know where to begin!

What is the purpose? That is the big question that I need answered in order to give me a reason to keep this blog. I am giving this blogging thing a chance. Two weeks, giving a honest effort at putting down my thoughts down on here. If at the end of two weeks, I still don’t see a point in blogging, me and wordpress part our seperate ways.


2 responses to “As I stare at this thing called a Blog…lets make a deal

  • Carrie

    I’m glad you do this to make me happy, but I hope eventually you actually enjoy it! If not, I’ll be okay… *sniff sniff* (j/k)

    It’s more fun when you find other cool blogs to read and get to know people around the country/world that you’d probably be friends with in person if you lived closer. If anything you can just post what’s on your mind as a way to process your thoughts, without caring about other’s blogs, and who knows, someone may find yours and like it and BAM, a new friend! Or I like to call it… a bloggy friend!

    Ok, I realize you’re sitting 5 feet away from me, so I’ll stop being creepy and be a real in person friend… er…. wife!

    Love you!

  • minnesotamom

    You two are so funny! John is blogging to make Carrie happy. Even if it’s only a 2-week project, it’s a sweet one. Since I know much more about Carrie than about you, it should be fun to read!

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