Best Online Friends Forever, thats what we can become!   If you’re wondering what I’m about, here ya go.  My blogging will probably fall into one of these areas.  Interesting? Hmmm….we’ll see

  • Sports-In my opinion hockey and basketball are the only sports worth watching.  As far as Minnesota sports go, just watch hockey!  I enjoy the rest of my sports experienced first hand, outdoors!  Cycling has been my favorite activity for almost two decades now.  I like to run and toss frisbee with my friends at ultimate.  My lazy man sport is disc golf.  I have hopes of picking up a winter sport eventually, but for now I’m content taking walks nomatter what the temp.
  • History– I love Minnesota history.  History should really be experienced, touched and seen with your own eyes.  Try to grasp what lives went on before you, to know that there is more to come after you’re gone.  A old picture, a historic building, a historic marker……hard to pass up.
  • politics–  Go Ronald Reagan!  Seriously though, we’ll be fine.
  • Religion– Christian, a sheep at John Piper’s church
  • Other-Live concerts, a good beer, lifting weights, Settlers of Catan, camping, rock climbing, backpacking, talk radio, reading, Lost, Seinfeld
  • St Paul–  St. Paul, MN….the classier of the Twin Cities.

3 responses to “BOFF?

  • Jennifer

    St. Paul is definitely classier.

    But I have to say that watching basketball is not very fun in my opinion. I prefer baseball much more, but that’s because I’m in Red Sox nation. Baseball is the lifeblood of everyone in this state! Basketball – *shrugs* – half of the Celtics used to be Timberwolves, so I suppose I should care. But I don’t. I went to a game about a year and a half ago and pretty much wanted to leave by the end of the first period. Nuff said.

    Congrats on the blog!

  • texasknights

    I am obeying your wife and leaving a comment. Beware! You just might get addicted to this thing called blogging -and at the same time make your wife happy! :) Surely you are looking forward to the final game tonight. My son and husband are getting ready for bed early so they can glue themselves to the T.V.

  • minnesotamom

    Are you mocking your wife? Your readership at this point appears to be primarily female, so…if you really want to give this blogging thing a try, I suggest you go comment on some cool “man blogs,” and it might generate interest in your blog! That’s how I made most of the bloggy friends I have…by going out and getting them.

    St. Paul tops Minneapolis ANY day. Must. Try. Babani’s. And Pazzaluna.

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