Ode to my backpack

Thank you North face Recon Backpack, you organize my life! Before I met you, my world was scattered about; no order, only chaos! Did I tell you that one time I lost my keys and later found them in the garbage can outside? Now your shoulder straps hold my keys with confidence! You keep my phone ready at hand but always snug in place. How many phones did I break before you came along! Everyday I venture into this world with you on my back and I’m sure that we have not forgot anything. With any luck, all our preparation and foresight will come to fruition in saving someone’s life, maybe my own. Is a headlamp, binoculars, leatherman, rope, matches and compass overkill? It won’t be when I’m stranded in the deep woods and trying to Survive! That’s what I like about you; one moment you are a kind civilian bag just helping a chum out, next thing you know you are my survival life line! You are like a ninja boy scout!You got my back!


4 responses to “Ode to my backpack

  • Carrie

    And this is (partly) why I love you.

  • minnesotamom

    Apparently Carrie has even deeper reasons for loving your backpack. I’ll have to read the extended Ode over at her blog once she gets it posted.

    Or maybe she meant this is partly why she loves you…because you love backpacks. Or because you’re always prepared for any situation. Carrie is stranded on top of a burning building 4 blocks away and the ground has suddenly been engulfed in lava? No fear–John and his backpack are on the way!

    You guys are awesome. I hope that someday one of your Odes can be in poem form and I can feature it on my blog on BPM.

  • Carrie

    Ha. I don’t have any deep reasons for loving his backpack. I just love that he wrote an ode to his backpack… and that every bit of it is true. It’s helped him so much; no more broken phones, no more trips to John’s work to give him his spare key, he’s always prepared. Thank you backpack, for making my life easier too!

  • dana

    I love it , i find myself speakin like this to my shoes !

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