Officially official

Well, here’s my last update on the nursing job hunt (a quick one at that). And sorry for my lack of actual deep posts lately, or interesting ones. Being a month from graduating college is understandably taking away all my time/energy for now, and that will probably be the case until graduation comes. But come to think of it, most of my huge assignments/tasks were this week, so perhaps I’ll have more time to post now. Who knows, every time I think that things will lighten up, they don’t…

So the update! I officially got the job today at the hospital I wanted to work at! They had many choices of units and shifts that I could pick, but most of them weren’t exactly what I wanted. Ideally I wanted an orthopedic floor with day/evening shifts, but that was taken by someone already working at the hospital (yay unions…). So, I actually ended up going for the float pool! I’ll have an awesome nurse manager, since she was the one who interviewed me, so at least I know I have a good supervisor already. Also, I’ll go through a 9 month orientation to the many different units in the hospital. Otherwise I’d probably freak out being a new graduate AND a float nurse. If you don’t know what a float nurse is, it pretty much means that I’ll work wherever they are short nurses. Could be just about anywhere, except possibly the ICU and ER, I think. I should have asked that… oh well, I’ll find out! :) The shift will be days/nights… so I’ll work a few days and a few nights, but never back to back. That would be torture! The one added benefit to this position is you get paid a little more to be a float pool nurse and you also get a little more for working nights. That’ll help with the student loans/debt…

So I’m really excited about it! I think it will be a tough job but also very challenging and rewarding. It’ll help me discover what area I want to go into, if I choose not to stay a float nurse. Also, it’ll be fun to be able to meet lots of other nurses in the hospital and sorta feel out the whole place. And if John and I decide to go to China in the near future, it will be good to have a broad background of experiences and also for when we come back it will be easier to get started again! Can’t wait for it all to start on July 21, 2008! Time to start another countdown…


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