Blessed by my ‘elders’ and friends!

I hate to call them elders, but I’m not sure what else to call the older women who I have met at my church that have been SO sweet and generous and hospitable to me since I’ve been them a few months ago! Since we’re moving tomorrow, and since I was a little curious how we would do it ourselves, I sent out a mass email to pretty much anyone living nearby that I knew that could possibly help us with our move. I’ve received countless offers to help us and I’ve been so blessed! A few of my close girl friends from our small group are coming (one with her cute 8 month old girl!!) and then we have my mom, my brother, John’s dad and his brother as well! I’m hoping the day goes well with all this help and that we don’t step on each other toes too much. I’ve also been amazed at how the two older women who lead a women’s group that I’m in have made sure to call and offer their time to come help us. They both were planning to cancel their plans to come help us! I can’t believe that! One of them was planning to pick stuff up at our place on their way to a city a few hours south of us and then drive it back to our new place the next day when they returned. I’m just feeling so blessed by the love these older women are showing me! It’s not something I’ve really ever had before, I suppose because I’ve never really known older Christian women. Well anyway, I just wanted to share with you the joy of being blessed by my sisters in Christ and encourage you all (and myself) to try and bless those you know as much as you can! 

Back to a busy busy night of packing! 


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Lover and follower of Jesus, wife to a loving husband, cardiac nurse in a big city hospital, aspiring cook and baker, notorious night owl, and enjoyer of all the gifts God has graciously given me! View all posts by Carrie

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