Monthly Archives: September 2008


Some firsts that I’ve experienced in the last couple days:

-bought my first pair of dark denim jeans! I love them!

-had my first eye exam since I was a kid (I believe), and what do you know, I found out I don’t, in fact, have the perfect vision I always thought I had. Lately I’ve noticed I’ve been squinting more, so when I went with my husband today for his eye exam, I asked if they had room in the doc’s schedule if he could take a look at my eyes and they had room for me. During the exam I was amazed that when the optometrist changed his little machine around, I could see better suddenly! I’ve never ever experienced that, so it was pretty cool. So, I got a prescription (apparently a pretty simple one… I’m a little far-sided and have a slight astigmatism). John and I both picked out out a pair (with a little tension when I really did not like the ones John wanted for himself)… and we should have them within a week! It’s very weird to think that I’ll be wearing glasses… I’ve been the only one in my family (besides my dad) who hasn’t had glasses for a long time. I’m kinda excited though! I really liked the ones I picked out. Pictures to come sometime soon!

-had my first experience shopping at Trader Joe’s today. In case you haven’t heard  of it, it’s basically a privately owned grocery store, yet there are lots of locations around the country, and they don’t have big name brand stuff but have mostly their own packaged foods which (I think) are all-natural. They also seemed to have a lot of organic foods. I’ve heard so many positive things about it from friends so we tried it out. Doesn’t have the variety or selection I’d like, but it’s nice that they have your basic essentials (plus some) and at reasonable prices, most often cheaper than Target or Cub! 

-and the last one, I’ll be making fish tacos for the first time tonight, and, Lord willing, eating fish tacos for the first time tonight as well! Apparently they’re really yummy? My mom obviously never thought so when I was growing up… never even heard of them until I left college. 

My life’s been pretty exciting, huh? ;) 

Another first that’s coming up… we’re having my sister and my new brother-in-law stay at our place on Saturday night after our cousin’s wedding. First time we’ve ever had a couple stay over with us, and first time we’ll really get to hang out with Jen and Jerod since they’ve been married! Last time we hung out they were busy moving stuff, so it should be fun this weekend. :)


Creepy Crawlies

We have some of THE scariest bugs/critters in our apartment. I’m sure it’s not nearly as bad as what you’d find down in the south, but still. Our bedroom is on the lowest level of our apartment building, so it’s part underground like a basement, which means… nasty bugs with 50 little long legs will scurry across the floor or wall at any moment. I’ve probably killed 10 of them since we moved in 4 months ago. Not bad, but still, scares me to the point of being afraid to fall asleep sometimes. Normally it wouldn’t do that to me, but one time I was making our bed and when I moved my pillow, one of the freaky 20 legged millepede bugs crawled up the wall right from behind my pillow. I screamed like a little girl after that! Usually I am the one to find and squash the little buggers, then I call for my brave husband to do the deed of disposing of them.  If it wasn’t for the fact that most of our walls are brick, our building is old, and we’re on the bottom level, it probably wouldn’t be a problem. Good thing I love our apartment and the location otherwise!

Anywho, I’m off to attempt to run outside now since it’s been five days since I last ran… this whole night shift business definitely threw off my plans.

Switching Over

Last night was my first ever night shift as a nurse. It was tough only because I had to work during the day on Monday, so I only had one night to try and switch myself over to sleeping on a difficult schedule. It didn’t go so well since I was exhausted on Monday night from work and other activities, so i could only stay up until about 2:30am and then I had to give in to sleep… it was almost painful how tired I was.

So I worked from 11pm-7:30am last night/this morning and then got home and slept until about 2. I’m still extremely tired though, but it’s hard to fall back asleep when you wake up in the middle of the day. I probably won’t be blogging much at all until I get a little more accustomed to this new internal clock. And after this week I’ll only be working 32 hour weeks instead of 40… which means more blogging opportunity! :) I start working every other weekend this weekend, too.

Anyway, that’s about all my brain can put out right now. If the night is slow tonight, maybe I’ll write something in here to keep me awake… we shall see. Please be praying that I don’t get sick from this crazy new stress on my body!

Another One

Yesterday I started another blog that is more focused on my running and health-related goals. Check it out if you want, and offer some support too while you’re at it! :)

Holy meds, flatus, and bowel sounds!

Time is flying by this week since I last posted. Monday John and I went to my parents’ place for a little Labor Day fun at their neighborhood lake-front. We went kayaking (although we actually peddled our legs instead of used paddles, so not sure what it’s really called), swimming, croqueting, and John went tubing behind my parents’ new/old motor boat. It was a great day, and I even got to watch a couple episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8. I love that show, mostly because it makes me really excited to have kids someday. You’d think that watching a family with 8 kids would be reason NOT to want kids so badly, and I realize it’s a LOT of work, but it’s something that I’m really looking forward to.

Anywho, the reason for the title of this post is because the past two days at work (I obviously had Monday off, thank God for that!), I’ve had four patients to care for during my shift. This is a huge deal to me, partly since I’ve never done it, but also because that’s what all the experienced nurses do. It’s definitely a jump from three patients, it feels like every time you add another person to care for, the amount of work is exponential. Especially on day shift because most people have a lot of 0800 meds to be given to them. Those little old ladies that come in from the nursing homes, wow do they have the load of medications. The one nice thing about post-surgical is that a lot of patients are NPO (nothing by mouth in Latin) after surgery (like bowel surgeries) which means they can’t have any medications by mouth either. So basically all they get for the first day or so is pain meds and sometimes they’re just PCAs (patient controlled analgesia) so then I don’t even have to give meds to them, other than possibly some IV antibiotics. Oh and the flatus and bowel sounds reference is because after surgery, a lot of what happens with a patient depends on their return of bowel sounds and well, their flatus function (aka, gas…). Never would I have guessed that I’d be asking “Are you passing any gas yet?” so many times in a given week. 

I’m just rambling now. So as you can tell, my mind has just been spinning today and yesterday with having four patients. So many different things to do and balance and manage. I wish I could just take care of one patient a day because there would probably be enough to keep you busy with just one. I’m slowly learning how to use my little “brain sheet” where I jot notes to myself as I go and cross of meds/procedures as I do them. It didn’t help that my favorite pen exploded today… but that’s besides the point. 

I love that I’m finally starting to feel like a real nurse and am much more independent. There’s still the occasional “Hey, can you give that one pain med while I take out this one tube?” that I have to say to my preceptor, but I know that with time I’ll be much more efficient and confident. It’s a lot of fun too! 

(Embarrassing moment of the day: Since I was so busy, I was really having problems listening to my bladder telling me to STOP and proceed directly to the restroom. It got so bad and I got so stupid that I was giving my patient his insulin and blurted out “I have to go to the bathroom so badly!” before I even realized what I was saying. Never hurt to have a (very) humbling experience every now and then, right?)

Next post will be about something other than work… promise!