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Changes, Possibly

The past week or so has been quite the week. The hospital I work at has had a really low patient census, which means they need less nurses, which means I don’t get to work much since I’m new and have virtually no seniority. Bummer. Especially since this week (with all the time off I had!), my husband and I discovered how much we LOVE the town of Hudson, WI and would really hope and love to move there eventually. We recently found out that John got accepted into UW-Stout to finish his BA in Special Ed, and since that’s a good hour drive east of here, we hope to move a little closer while still being close enough to where I work in St. Paul. Phew! That was quite the run-on. :)  

So, it’s been a bunch of mixed feelings and thoughts as we get excited about John going back to school in the spring and about us maybe moving to Hudson (and to a townhouse hopefully!) while hearing news of possible lay-offs at my work and also waiting to find out which job John will get. Sorry, I left that bit out. John’s been the job hunting king lately. I think up to 10 applications have been submitted thus far. He’s after them!  Kinda feels like we’re in limbo right now. All these possible changes coming at us, but we are trusting our Lord that he has it planned out before we even have a clue what’s happening or going to happen. Cool huh? 

I heard today though, since I finally got to work (it had been almost a week!! three of those were normal days off, but two were either Requested Absences or a Mandatory Cancel… love the name huh?) that they will, in fact, be laying off some nurses from my hospital. I guess the units affected though do not include me, that I know of. What’s interesting though is that I’m currently in my 9month-year long orientation to all the units that I’ll eventually float to, but since they closed the unit I’m on right now due to low census, I’m actually back to the unit I’ve already been on for 2 months. Fun to be back, but kinda pointless. But what do you do when the unit I’m meant to be getting used to is closed? And they can’t float me elsewhere until I’ve been oriented to those units… Hmmm, we’ll see where they stick me next week! 

Can I just say how excited I am that after next week all the political craziness will be DONE? For now at least. SO excited. 

Oh and I’m also really excited that we FINALLY GOT OUR WEDDING ALBUM!! It’s beautiful!


The Usual

Just about every day I think for a second that I should probably blog about something, but nothing interesting comes to mind. I’m aware that I’m not a gifted writer or creative in that respect, which is fine, but I love blogs and wish I could keep up with mine more often! Honestly the last couple weeks haven’t consisted of much more than the usual: work, sleep, cook, exercise, read, etc.. One exciting thing happened today, they turned on the heat in our building! YAY! That brings me joy since the past couple nights (weeks?) I’ve been shivering as I crawl into bed. I love being able to snuggle under layers and layers of blankets and covers, but when it takes a good 15 minutes just to warm up enough to relax, that’s just no way to go to bed. In other news, I’ve been sick the past week or so and it just hasn’t left me yet. I think these next couple days I should start feeling better, I pray!  John is leaving for a men’s retreat with our church and I work all weekend, so hopefully I can feel better enough to get some good cleaning done around here.

Well, that’s about it. I told you nothing too thrilling. I hope all is well on your end!

Split Rock Lighthouse

DSC01311, originally uploaded by carriehansen.

Here’s one picture taken on our camping trip. Check out our flickr photos to see more, since knowing me, I probably won’t get around to posting any more on here. I hope you enjoy them!

Split Rock

John and I went up to the north shore (aka Lake Superior shore in MN) and camped right by Split Rock lighthouse this week for two days and nights. It was so wonderful to get away and just BE together. Kinda weird at first, I’ll admit, but we kept busy with walking around, sitting by the fire (and of course, eating lots of s’mores!), takings beautiful pictures of the view we had of the lighthouse, lounging in our hammock, and playing with the chipmunks that visited us every couple hours. I loved not having any TV, internet or cell phone access for over two days. The sound of the waves crashing against the cliffs lulled me to sleep… even though my face was pretty chilled as I lay in my mummy-bag sleeping bag. This almost 10 yr old North Face sleeping bag is finally getting the use it was made for!

We’ll definitely be making camping trips like this as often as we can; it was very relaxing and fun and beautiful. I know John really enjoyed getting to use all the camping gear and gadgets that he’s been collecting since we got married last summer. I hardly had to plan or pack anything other than my clothes and toiletries (they had bathrooms AND showers!!) and John took care of the rest. He did so well! Our dehydrated thai food and chicken dumpling mixes that we tried weren’t all that bad! I think I might have even said that I would order them at a restaurant if I could… amazing.

I will post some pictures as soon as I get around to it, probably later tonight or this weekend. I have the weekend off this weekend, after only working Sunday, Thursday and Friday this week. I love not having to work M-F now. Although it makes it difficult to plan things with people, it really helps when my work week is broken up with a day or two (or three!) off every now and then. But, I need to plan meals for the next two weeks this weekend because starting Monday night I start night shifts again…. yay. Pictures to come soon; there’s some really good ones!