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New Year, New Job!

Last night was my last shift at United Hospital… it was a long night actually, since they called me in early to cover a couple hours for a sick nurse. I’m pretty pumped about working at Regions though, especially since I just found out that United will be laying off another 30-40 nurses permanently in the next couple weeks. Yikes. The talk amongst the nurses last night was filled with worry. I kinda felt bad telling people that it was my last night and that I had another (better) job lined up.

I feel blessed that I was offered the job and am getting really excited to start on Friday! Mind you, it will be the boring orientation curriculum for a week or two, but still, at least it’s at a hospital that isn’t going downhill so fast as United is. Today when I turned in my security card (for night access to the hospital), the security guy said “Why are you leaving? You got another job? Can I come with! Congratulations!” It was rather funny, actually.

So anyway, I worked almost 11 hours last night and haven’t slept since yesterday afternoon, so I do apologize for yet another dry and pretty boring post… but I’m just too excited about the new job and wanted to update you all.

Have a Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas!

Our first Christmas tree! 

Job Change

Interview last week went well, and yesterday they offered me the job! It would be starting on the regular telemetry (heart-monitoring) unit and then once the unit moves into the newly built expansion, which sounds like it’ll be amazing, it will join with the post-coronary care unit. I have the weekend to decide on if I want the job, but after talking more with John and with family, and praying about it, I think I’m going to go for it.

Main reasons are: the hours will be consistently night shift (I know, not the best, but at least it’s not switching back and forth), and also it will be on one unit instead of going to a new unit every day. As much as it’s been great to go to different units at United, I don’t think right now it is the best option for me. Everything is already so new and a little scary, so to constantly be changing what type of patients and the unit I’m on (all so different!) is a little overwhelming for being a new nurse. Definitely has made me grow a lot in my profession, which is good, but I’m looking forward to having one unit to really excel in.

Another reason, it will pay a little more, which will help with John going back to school full time. We have enough debt and loans to pay off already, so with this job we’ll probably not have to take on any more loans while John’s in school.

So, I have to let my manager know on Monday, which I’m dreading doing because she’s such a great manager. And then I’ll start working at Regions come the beginning of January!