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Nocturnal for Good

This past Monday night was my first official 12 hour night shift at Regions. It went well! Of course the nurses I work with are all super nice and helpful, so that helps a ton. I worked another shift the next night, and both of those shifts were pretty slow, I’ll admit. Normally they aren’t that slow, they all said, but man, I was struggling. Plus, I did not bring enough food! Twelve hours is a long time to be working and you don’t realize how much you normally eat when you’re awake for 12 hours. Usually you would have had 2 or 3 meals if it was during the day.

I’m definitely adjusting to living a nocturnal lifestyle now. Since I don’t want to totally mess up my internal clock, I’m trying to keep it consistent even on nights when I don’t work. This poses a problem though, since our apartment is so open and since John sleeps at night. I can’t do a whole lot then because most things are somewhat noisy (like cleaning, for example). Last night I did manage to do the dishes at 3am though! Does anyone have any ideas of things I could do at night that would be productive or enjoyable that aren’t noisy but also don’t make me want to go to sleep right away? I love reading, but for now that still makes me sleepy at night… dang it.

So anyway, John also started school this past week and so there’s another change thrown at us. He’s doing so well already and keeping up with all his reading and homework. It’s so great to see! I’m excited for when he is finally able to become a special education teacher and enjoy it! Hopefully then I won’t have to work quite as much as a nurse, but we’ll see!

Please be praying for us as we are ajusting to all these big changes… it definitely is taking some adjusting!


Future Cheese Heads

Over the past couple weeks, the hubby and I have decided that we will, in fact, be moving to the western border of Wisconsin come May, Lord willing. This has always been my hope and plan, but not so much John’s, who absolutely loves the city and historic nature of our current dwelling place.

Though I’m not sure if he’ll admit to it, I think the main reason for John’s change of heart is seeing just how stressed and frustrated I am and have been with where we live now. I do love the cuteness of our apartment, but let’s just say I struggle with just about every facet of daily living when I don’t have any way of keeping our place organized or clean. Our apartment has one relatively large living room/dining room (to be more accurate, our kitchen table is in our living room), a tiny kitchen, and then downstairs is our medium sized bedroom, our small bathroom, and two decently sized closets. There honestly is just not enough space here for us, even after moving many boxes into a storage unit. And since I know we won’t be here much more than a year at the most, it seems unwise to spend gobs of money on furniture items to help organize.

So, the plan now is to move into a place (an apartment) in Hudson come May. We have already found some possible winners online that have two bedrooms (each with a closet!), two bathrooms, AND allow dogs, and still are cheaper than our place is now.

I should also mention another change in plans… regarding the mention of dogs. Since this apartment we found only allows dogs under 30lbs., we’re leaning towards getting an Italian greyhound, hopefully from a local animal shelter. And I’ll shamefully admit, we like to frequent the humane societies and pet stores (with puppies) roughly once every 1-2 weeks… and we happened to run across THE cutest greyish-blue colored italian greyhound. You should have seen both our hearts melt at the sight of this little bugger.  We are definitely excited to have a fury friend join our family! Hopefully it would live longer than our fish… we are now down to 3 fish out of what used to be 8. Good thing I’m not attached!


So my running blog has been flourishing much more than this blog, but my visitor frequency definitely has not followed suit. Want to stop over and help support me as I get my behind into gear? Please? Thanks! :)

Loving It

The new job began a couple weeks ago and up until now I have only had boring orientation sessions, BUT, I’ve met some amazing people! I truly feel so blessed by the Lord and count it all to come from Him that I got this job, especially with how crazy our economy is now. Not to say that those who aren’t doing so well career wise are not in some way being blessed by the Lord.

Already I’ve met three girls that I hope to stay connected to while working at Regions. I believe they are all believers too, so that is awesome. They are all so friendly and genuine and actually care about what they do, which is a nice change from where I worked last (not that all co-workers at United were like that!).

Tomorrow is my first 12 hour shift with a preceptor on the unit. I’m a little nervous, but also really excited. I already met the preceptor and she is super nice and sounds like her life is pretty similar to mine. Young, married, no kids. I’ll be working 7am-7:30pm… yikes, that’s quite a day. Then the next day I just work 8hrs, observing a couple places in the cardiology department, and then the weekend off! Phew.

Another reason I love this new job:  My unit lets the nurses make their own schedules! We do have mandatory weekends (mine is every third wknd), but otherwise it’s pretty much your choice which days (or eventually nights 7pm-7:30am, in my case) you can work.  How awesome is that? Otherwise I would definitely miss many monthly or bi-weekly commitments that I have. Awesome.

So, one of the main reasons why I’m nervous (barely, if at all) is because I don’t have any formal telemetry training until the end of February. I won’t be on my own (without another nurse with me) until after that training, but still, I’m going to have a lot of feeling-like-an-idiot moments up until then! Good thing one of my friends outside of work is an exercise specialist at the St. Paul Heart Clinic and she lent me her EKG books! Now who knows how much I’ll actually look at them…

Speaking of exercise, that’s really what I should be doing right now. Off I go!