Loving It

The new job began a couple weeks ago and up until now I have only had boring orientation sessions, BUT, I’ve met some amazing people! I truly feel so blessed by the Lord and count it all to come from Him that I got this job, especially with how crazy our economy is now. Not to say that those who aren’t doing so well career wise are not in some way being blessed by the Lord.

Already I’ve met three girls that I hope to stay connected to while working at Regions. I believe they are all believers too, so that is awesome. They are all so friendly and genuine and actually care about what they do, which is a nice change from where I worked last (not that all co-workers at United were like that!).

Tomorrow is my first 12 hour shift with a preceptor on the unit. I’m a little nervous, but also really excited. I already met the preceptor and she is super nice and sounds like her life is pretty similar to mine. Young, married, no kids. I’ll be working 7am-7:30pm… yikes, that’s quite a day. Then the next day I just work 8hrs, observing a couple places in the cardiology department, and then the weekend off! Phew.

Another reason I love this new job:  My unit lets the nurses make their own schedules! We do have mandatory weekends (mine is every third wknd), but otherwise it’s pretty much your choice which days (or eventually nights 7pm-7:30am, in my case) you can work.  How awesome is that? Otherwise I would definitely miss many monthly or bi-weekly commitments that I have. Awesome.

So, one of the main reasons why I’m nervous (barely, if at all) is because I don’t have any formal telemetry training until the end of February. I won’t be on my own (without another nurse with me) until after that training, but still, I’m going to have a lot of feeling-like-an-idiot moments up until then! Good thing one of my friends outside of work is an exercise specialist at the St. Paul Heart Clinic and she lent me her EKG books! Now who knows how much I’ll actually look at them…

Speaking of exercise, that’s really what I should be doing right now. Off I go!


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Lover and follower of Jesus, wife to a loving husband, cardiac nurse in a big city hospital, aspiring cook and baker, notorious night owl, and enjoyer of all the gifts God has graciously given me! View all posts by Carrie

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