“Moving” On… Hopefully soon!

So I might have forgotten I even had a blog! Sorry!

We have been very busy since we started looking at houses. Most of you reading this probably already know that we found a house in Hudson, made an offer, and are in the process of finalizing our purchase agreement now that our inspection is done. It’s a lot of work! I’m already learning and seeing how being a home-owner is like like having kids or another job or… you get my drift.

The house is an old one, from 1922, but is in pretty good shape. It has it’s issues, but for the most part, is an amazing place for our first house. It’s near the main street in town and only another block to the river. We’re hoping it all works out, but man, we have my work cut out for us now! All the little projects are adding up on the list already: from things like fixing random electrical outlets, plumbing pipes, painting rooms/windows, replacing a couple beams in the basement (this may need to get fixed before we get our loan, actually, but we’ll see), changing some of the light fixtures, putting in a fence in the backyard, etc., etc…

We (that’d be John and I) are very excited but almost just as exhausted. All the forms, meetings, emails, phone calls, faxing, it get’s overwhelming pretty quick. But we’re making it through and so far we really haven’t had anything go awry. Our real estate agent has been great. Super helpful, patient, timely, knowledgable, friendly… you name it! Our mortgage broker has been great too… he’s not quite as friendly, but with a job like that, I don’t know how friendly you can be. He does his job well though! Our inspector did an extremely thorough job. My friends, coworkers, parents have been really helpful as well. So I really can’t complain about the whole process one bit.

It will definitely be nice to eventually, and hopefully soon, be able to settle down somewhere and not have to move every year. I haven’t been in one place for more than a year since I was 18. To be able to decorate our “home” without thinking that it’ll get de-decorated in only a few months. To be able to organize well and try and live more efficiently (less stress!). To have our own dishwasher and washer/dryer!!! SO excited about that. And a porch, a deck, TWO full bathrooms, storage space, a garage!!…

So anyhow, the next couple months, if everything goes through with this house, will be busy ones, and since we aren’t going to get internet this summer (but we will have local coffee shops!), I may not get to update too often. But then again, I’ll probably get excited and want to take pictures or ask for advice (sooo many questions!), so I really should take advantage of this great networking tool called blogging.

Stay tuned!


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