We really don’t slow down… maybe we will now?

Well well…. so much to update on and so little time! I’m bored at work at the moment, so this will be my little post for you all. All my patients are sleeping soundly! A rarity around here! :)

If you haven’t already found out via facebook (or good ol’ live human conversation!), we bought a DIFFERENT house in Hudson about a month ago (to move in at the end of June) AND we got a puppy 5 days ago! We’re crazy, we know it, but so far we are loving the puppy and are very excited about living in our first house, all three of us! The puppy (Lucy is her name) will probably be just as excited as we are. Hardwood and tile floors and a big grassy backyard (with lots of sticks!) will be like heaven to her, especially since she now is confined to a little carpeted (stains?? ahh!) apartment. Only 13 more days!!

So the house is a 1970s rambler with 3 beds, 1 3/4 bathrooms. Nice yard, updated main level, totally dated basement, and in an absolutely perfect location. Within walking distance to both the high school AND the middle school (think John’s future career as a track coach and special ed teacher)… not the forget it’s within walking distance to the YMCA too, and our church if you feel like it! There’s a nice little walking trail that goes through a grassy/woodsy area as well. Cannot wait to live there!

And so the puppy, the cutest little puppy that ever has or will be (haha, sorry). She’s a boxer/weimaraner mix, red/rust color, little floppy ears, big front paws (she’ll probably be 50-60lbs as an adult), oh and she’s only 10 weeks old! As John says, she’s our little turkey! Here’s a picture for ya:


Isn’t she adorable? I can’t say she doesn’t sometimes drive me crazy, or that I’m not totally sleep deprived, but I can say that she’s been a great puppy so far and we’re really looking forward to the future with her!

Alright… back to work I go. Only 2 hours left!


About Carrie

Lover and follower of Jesus, wife to a loving husband, cardiac nurse in a big city hospital, aspiring cook and baker, notorious night owl, and enjoyer of all the gifts God has graciously given me! View all posts by Carrie

2 responses to “We really don’t slow down… maybe we will now?

  • minnesotamom

    Aw, she’s super-cute! I shot a Viszla last summer, and she looks a lot like that, but Weimeraner’s are often mistaken for Viszlas, and she probably has quite a bit of Weimer in her. Hope she will train up well!

  • Kim Andrews

    Such wonderful pictures and great memories from her short life. Thanks for bringing her into our lives.

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