Monthly Archives: July 2009


As most of you know, our little puppy Lucy passed away a couple weeks ago. She developed (they think) aspiration pneumonia from having some impairment of her larynx and within a day of her becoming sick she died. :( We were very very devastated and still miss her terribly. Looking at any pictures of her just about always brings tears to my eyes. She was only with us for three short weeks but we had already bonded and grown attached to her. Saying goodbye to her while she was in my arms was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. Sounds crazy since she’s only a dog, but it’s true. Thinking about how great of a dog she was already becoming and what could have been, it was heart wrenching to let her go so soon and so suddenly. I know that God had reasons for everything happening as it did and that I have grown and matured some from the experience.

For the last three weeks we’ve been keeping busy with unpacking our things in our house (oh yeah, we did move into our house at the end of June too, by the way!), visiting with family and friends, and just trying to regain some normalcy after we lost Lucy. After looking at many dogs at different shelters and rescues, we did eventually get another dog tonight! It’s just as exciting as it was with Lucy but also there’s definitely a part of us both that aches for our lost puppy and that hopes that this time it’ll turn out differently. God gives and takes away, and I know that he deserves glory and praise no matter what happens. But we are hoping that we can be blessed with more time to enjoy this new puppy even more than the last. He is a 7 month old german shorthaired pointer that was a stray. He’s been living at a foster home for the last couple months, getting the love and care he deserves! He’s a beautiful chocolate brown with a white spot on his chest, already about 50 lbs, and he loves to run around and play with his squeeky cloth toys! He also loves to point… at birds especially! It’s pretty amusing actually, and he would really make a great hunting dog, but he’ll more likely become a great running partner to my husband! His name was Trooper but we decided to rename him Max… we hope he grows to like it!

Anyway, I will try and post some pictures of our new puppy Max and also some great pictures that my sister took of our Lucy before she died. Amazing how much pets become so beloved by their owners… and we have only begun!