Slow Progress- Isn’t it always?

As many of you probably expected, I didn’t finish painting either room yet and thus no pictures have been posted. BUT, I do have a new computer now! My dad gave me a good deal on his two year old macbook pro which works like a charm compared to my sad old ibook from 2004. I am now in the process of copying over all my photos and music, very exciting (and time consuming!).

An update on the painting (exciting life here, right?)… living room still needs another coat of paint, which will be done, Lord willing, before Thanksgiving. Kitchen is half-painted (one side has two coats, the other side has none! Looks interesting.) It definitely is GREEN but both of us like it so far. We think we may not need to paint the cabinets if we do other things to spice up the kitchen, like change the hardware and counters (further along down the road). So many fun projects that we want to do but we need to space it out so we can be wise financially. At least painting isn’t all that expensive… maybe $50 a room at the most. I think after we finish the living room and kitchen I want to paint our bedroom a purple/grey color. Not bright purple and not dark purple, but a nice modern calming purple that’s not too girly. So far John’s in okay with this plan!

Otherwise, not a whole lot of news around this place. Here’s two cute pictures of Max for you!

the "Look"

crate potato!


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