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Over the last several months I’ve learned from documentaries (like Food, Inc. and King of Corn) and reading many many online articles/blogs about the dangers of eating corn-fed beef. If you haven’t checked into this, I strongly recommend you do. Not only is the meat bad for you but also very bad for the environment and the poor cows. Outbreaks of e.coli in spinach are strangly enough linked to this practice of feed-lot industrial cattle raising, among many other concerns.

So I mentioned a couple posts ago that we recently started buying grass-fed beef and pastured eggs from a local farm a couple hrs away in WI. Yesterday, my friend Priscilla and I decided to take a little road trip (got lost along the way!) out to the farm to see for ourselves how and what they do to raise their cattle and chicken layers (the meat chickens aren’t there yet). We were delighted to see some happy healthy looking cows who have free roam of grass and eat grass hay during the winter, and some beautiful happy healthy roaming chicken layers. They were all so cute, not to mention all the cute barn cats and the black dog who happened to have found a dead cow leg across the road and brought it to show us… :)

We are planning to save up to buy a 1/2 cow this fall to split with Priscilla and her husband. Also have planned to buy 12 chickens for the next year from them later this summer and fall. They are trialing some new types of chickens this year, called freedom rangers (? something like that… sorry we learned a lot yesterday!) which are supposed to be more apt to roaming the grass and eating bugs than the Cornish (fast-growing) breed of chickens (the white ones you usually see).

The farmers were so sweet and knowledgeable at Farm Sweet Farm, and I’m excited to support them! They are young, probably 25-30 yrs old but both grew up farming and have degrees from the UofM in agriculture and engineering, so I trust them.

Have you seen where your meat/poultry is raised? Don’t just trust whats written on the package, since terms like “Free range” and “cage free” are not regulated and those chickens could very well be given access but not ever take a step in the grass and sunshine! I challenge you to meet your food for yourself so you know what you’re eating and supporting with your money.


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4 responses to “Meet Your Food

  • Emily @ Live Renewed

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by Live Renewed!
    I loved reading about the real food journey you are on and the changes you are making. We are just beginning our real food journey and are not quite as far along as you guys sound to be, but we are taking baby steps, and I feel good about that.
    I totally wish that we had a Trader Joe’s or Cosco here, I think it would make some things related finding and buying good real food so much easier. We are blessed though that we live within walking distance to our local farmer’s market which is open year round and sells much more than produce. I can get free range eggs and chicken, mostly grass-fed beef (better than completely grain fed), unrefined sea salt, organic spices, and more there. I know that’s not something that everyone has access too, so I should be thankful.
    I also completely agree with you that we have to make sure that we don’t let this way of natural living become and idol in our lives, or even something that we use to look down on others who choose not to live in the same way that we do, but that our focus needs to be on glorifying God alone in our lives.

    I have not made the toothpaste from Passionate Homemaking. I’ll have to check that out. So far I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine and have not been super happy with it. Again, wishing that we had a TJ’s here! For my foaming hand soap, I bought a foaming dispenser with Method soap from Target and then when it ran out I just started refilling it with castile soap and water. I have heard that you can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but have not seen them for myself. Hope that helps!


    • Carrie

      Thanks for your comment… I haven’t gotten much blogger readership or comments at all, so it’s exciting to connect with other bloggers that I read!

      We just started making these changes in the last month or two… and it has been a lot but I’m one of those that once I know what I need to do and what I shouldn’t be doing, I can’t keep on doing it if it’s possible to stop, ya know? Well, as long as it fits in our tight budget! So many changes can be a little troubling because everything feels so new and uncomfortable, but it’s also great knowing we are taking steps in the right direction and are already noticing the difference in our health. And knowing that ultimately it is all to honor God, and free up time and money and worry so we can bless others more! Always have to keep my intentions in check though, as it can easily become a selfish endeavor, as with anything.

      Wow, your farmer’s market sounds amazing! It’s taken a lot of time to figure out where I want to buy our chicken, eggs, and beef. We still don’t have the produce figured out, we had wanted to join a CSA for the summer but we just don’t have the money for it yet. I’m hoping to try and go to our local farmer’s market often when it’s open but it’s only June-October… that’s awesome that you have it year round!!! Trader Joes and Costco are 15-20 min away from us, but that’s not bad at all, especially if we plan our trips well. What area are you from? We live in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota (we’re actually just across the border in WI).

      Thanks for the tip on the soap… I’m planning to check out some other things at BB&B, so I’ll look for those soap dispensers when I go. I think I did see some foam soap dispensers on too… but it’s $12!!


  • justblabbering

    Hey Carrie! Made organic free roaming chicken tonight! I fried it in coconut oil and let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS!!!! Carlos couldn’t get enough of it! And it cost pretty much the same as the fake stuff at Target!
    Let me know where to get that coconut oil! We are hooked!!!!

  • Carrie

    Yay!! We use coconut oil a couple times a day and love it, AND it’s good for you!! :) We bought a gallon of the organic extra virgin coconut oil at, but both you and my mother-in-law want to get some now, so I think we should go in on a larger purchase next time I buy some. We will probably buy more next month, is that okay to wait so you get a better deal? I’m so glad you liked it!!

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