Goat’s Milk

This past week I checked out a co-op a couple miles away from our town in Stillwater after an employee of the Trader Joe’s that I frequent recommended I check out the non-homogenized cow’s milk that they offer. I was so excited to find this, since I’m planning to start making our own yogurt and also kefir (along with sourdough bread and kombucha… I’ll try and keep these adventures documented on here!).

BUT, the most exciting thing for me was actually when I noticed that the co-op also sold goat’s milk!  I’ve learned lately how goat’s milk is much better for you than cow’s milk. How it’s much more similar to human milk and is much easier to digest and assimilate. People who have allergies to regular (cow’s) milk tend to not be allergic to goat’s milk. Did you know that more than 60% of the world drinks goat’s milk, not cow’s milk? Interesting, huh?

So I bought us a quart of this goat’s milk, which happens to be from a local goat dairy farm only 45 minutes away from where we live. This thrilled me! I checked out their website as soon as I could and was even more excited to see that they offered raw (unpasteurized) goat’s milk at their farm. I sent them an email to inquire more information regarding their milk and was told to give them a call. Right away I called the lady and she was SO nice and informative. The raw cow’s milk we had bought about a month ago was from a farmer who was so hard to get ahold of to ask questions…. made me not want to buy from them again since I questioned their safety and credibility.

Flash forward to today. My husband and I drove up to the dairy farm and visited to see for ourselves how this dairy farm works and if we want to try the raw goat’s milk they offer. We were pleased to see how well they run the farm and how happy the goats are! (THEY ARE SO CUTE!!) Not that we know much about goat dairy farms or anything, but to our knowledge, right now this is the absolute best milk we can get for our health. Local… raw (unpasteurized and non-homogenized, both which make milk actually harmful to you), from happy and healthy goats…  :)

I’m hoping and planning to take a drive up to the farm (which happens to be a very pretty drive along the river!) every couple weeks to pick up a gallon of the raw milk, and once it’s June-October I’ll also be picking up our CSA share of vegetables in Stillwater along the way. The final amazing plus of all of this is that this milk also happens to be cheaper than if I bought the same milk (but pasteurized) at the store!

Here’s one of their goats!


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3 responses to “Goat’s Milk

  • Jen

    Haha – that picture of the goat is hilarious!

  • Kim

    I am trying to convince my husband to let me get a couple of milking goats. I want to do it for all the same reasons you listed and also want to try making kefir etc. We have the space but he isn’t on board with the work involved. We already have chickens and that has been fun. It is great to have truly fresh eggs. I have yet to taste raw goats milk. Have you tried it?

    • Carrie

      Oh I would love to be able to have chickens AND goats. Probably just chickens but our city doesn’t allow it (yet!). We do like the raw goat’s milk but it definitely has a distinct taste (more so aftertaste) that for me is a little offsetting. I find that once I make it into kefir that it’s not as noticable, which is GREAT knowing how much better kefir is for us than just the raw milk!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

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