April Reading Review

I mentioned a couple blog posts ago how I have this new goal of following a monthly reading plan. Since there have been so many great books that I’ve bought and sought to read but haven’t, I realized I need to crack down on myself and stick to a plan. This is always a struggle for me, so I had high hopes but also knew that it might be a big leap.

April went pretty well! I was only able to read two and a half of the four books I planned to read. I felt like I was reading a lot compared to the month before, but still wasn’t able to reach my goal. Of course the whole reason for this is not only to reach a goal and get through the books as fast as possible to check them off a list. But,  also know myself and that I need to have a deadline in order to get anything. Posting about it on here also gave me an extra push to do what I’ve said I would do.

One thing I realized was just how much time I spend reading others blogs. I love my Google Reader and how I can subscribe to blogs that I like and have them automatically updated sort of like an email program. My problem is the number of blogs I follow! It has to be over 50 (I lost count!).  There’s been many times when I’ve tried to “clean up” my subscriptions by unsubscribing to blogs that I feel won’t directly benefit my relationship with a) God, b) my husband, c) our home.  There’s just so many good blogs out there! So what I’m trying to say is, I need to cut back on my blog reading and focus more on reading these books. Most of the time the content on the blogs points to making time for beneficial activities like reading! Kinda silly if I read about reading without actually reading!

The two (and a half) books I read in April were: Real Food by Nina Planck and A Place of Quiet Rest by Nancy Leigh Demoss. I really enjoyed both books, especially the latter.

Although I have really enjoyed learning more about food and nutrition these last couple months, it does start to get repetitive and even overwhelming, sometimes leaving meal almost paralyzed with all the information and not knowing what to do with it. I’ve already implemented many many things in what we eat and how we cook that were consistent with Real Food’s information, but even so, I honestly was so glad to step away from that book and delve into a book specific to my faith in Christ.  To read a review that is pretty much dead on with what my thoughts were on this book, lookie here.  I know that’s kinda a cop-out review, but why write what’s already been written, right? And seriously, just about exactly my thoughts on the book.

A Place of Quiet Rest was an easy yet very challenging read. Easy to understand what she was saying, but challenging to my current practices as a Christian. As someone who’s always struggled with consistent time studying the Word and spending quality time in prayer, I knew that this book would be just what I needed. Mind you, most of what I read I have heard in sermons or just over the years in small groups and doing various studies, but when you sit down and read a book specifically on a topic you struggle with, you can’t help but be convicted and DO something about it. God knows what I’ve read and I can’t hide from the fact that my sheer laziness (and yes, some just plain old lack of knowledge/wisdom) has kept me from really digging deep in the Word and in prayer. Demoss lays out some great suggestions and tools on developing your study of the Word that I really gleaned a lot from and hope to put into practice ASAP. She has such a heart to help others grow closer to the Lord and every bit of this book nudged me in that direction. Even if I only develop one or two new “skills” in the near future, I know this will be a book that I return to for years to come, maybe even making it a yearly read!


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