What’s the point of health, anyway?

As you may have noticed, I changed the name or title or this blog. I haven’t figure out how to change the url yet, but that’s besides the point. These last couple months you’ve probably noticed my focus has become much more based on health and nutrition. I’ve been learning new ways to cook and prepare foods that both help our bodies and help the earth. These have been and will continue to be skills that I know are ultimately for the glory of God.

The last few days, however, I’ve began to see light shown on the ugly sinful places in my heart related to these new endevours. What is any of this good for, if it’s not for the Lord? And I don’t just mean good for our bodies and good for the earth, but beyond that. What are we doing with our healthy bodies that is bringing Him glory? Are we giving of our time and resources to others in need? Are we inviting others into our homes as a place of rest and fellowship? Are we preparing ourselves for possibly beginning a family soon that will be trained in His teachings and purposes? What is all of this healthy knowledg for, other than… health?

I felt so suddenly convicted on the other night to the point of tears. Although I’m loving all this new information and have felt much healthier, at times I’ve also felt so very empty and yearning for more. So much of this has left me feeling so very selfish. Some days I spend more time reading up on blogs and figuring out menu plans and shopping lists than I do reading the Word (happens way more often than I like) or even spending quality time with my husband. What does that say about where my heart’s at? NOT aligned with God’s Word, that’s for sure.

I know there are times for learning and excitement for doing things with wisdom, but I really struggle with moderation with it. Once I’m sold on something, I guess I just go for it and it starts to consume me. But I didn’t really know this about myself until recently, as there hasn’t been many times in my life where I’ve been this excited and motivated to do something that affects my life so much. And the fact that it IS a good thing for myself and my husband, makes it that much easier to go overboard and lose focus on the main thing (….the Lord!).

Another somewhat related endevaur has been growing in our financial wisdom lately. We’ve stopped using credit cards completely, we’ve implemented a great budget/spending system (first pearbudget.com and now YNAB 3 program), we’re working towards paying off all our debt as fast as we can. We’re trying to simplify our lives.  Sounds good, right? (and it is!)

BUT… I need to do this slowly and always always always keep my focus on the Lord. Because if I’m spending 2 hours on our finances and budget and 3 hours reading food blogs each day and an hour finding new cookbooks on amazon and an hour figuring out my next Azure Standard order for this month… how am I ever going to grow in my knowledge and love for the Lord and for his people?

Always growing and learning and being convicted, that’s for sure. I hope that over these next months and years we can use the knowledge we’ve learned to bless others and bring Glory to HIS name, always keeping the focus on him and all he is and has done for us! :)  I don’t want the “For our good” part to become the priority here, but for the glory of God always as #1.


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Lover and follower of Jesus, wife to a loving husband, cardiac nurse in a big city hospital, aspiring cook and baker, notorious night owl, and enjoyer of all the gifts God has graciously given me! View all posts by Carrie

5 responses to “What’s the point of health, anyway?

  • Jen

    I think the only way to change the URL is to start a completely new blog an import all your posts from here. I’ve done it a few times and it’s pretty quick and painless.

  • Brittney Watts

    Love your thoughts on this Carrie – I think it’s awesome that you are focusing on priorities. It is so easy for one, new thing you are passionate about to take over but very wise of you to recognize that! I’m sure God will bless your endeavors as you use them to serve Him!! :)

    • Carrie

      Thanks for your comment Britt :) Even the next day after writing this I struggled immensely with everything I just wrote about… it’s amazing how stubborn our fleshly desires can be!! Thanks for your encouragement though :)

  • Alison @ Hospitality Haven

    I just found your blog!! I love the journey that you’re on and I identify quite a bit with you!! Glad to have found you. :)

    • Carrie

      Aw thanks! :) I hardly ever have any comments or visitors to my blog, so lately I’ve kinda lost motivation to keep posting… glad to have you stop by and be of some encouragement. :) I’ll have to poke around your blog now!

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