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A Critique Worth Reading

After reading and reading about health and nutrition the last 8 months or so, I’ve definitely had moments of utter confusion and frustration. There’s so much information out there, much of which can be quite conflicting. Whose research and conclusions can you really trust? One person says this way of eating is bunk, whereas the other spouses great health benefits and healing from real life experiences.

I’m still thinking and praying through it all, and probably will be for a some time (yet hopefully not my whole life, because I want to move on to bigger and better things here!), but I wanted to point you all to a great article I just read (most of it). The post is quite long and detailed, but I think worth at least skimming. The author seems to have a balanced view, as a mostly vegetarian herself, on a very popular pro-vegetarian book called The China Study. Though I haven’t read this book myself, it’s one I have had recommended to me. I still plan to read it someday, but after reading this article, may have a different view on the implications of the book afterward.


Call me crazy, but I signed up for a…

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If any of you know me at all, you know how I usually have pretty lofty goals and hardly ever follow through with them. (HA! Sounds like a great friend/family member to have, doesn’t it?) An idealist is what they call people like me. It’s an exciting yet usually pretty disappointing way to live, honestly.

So in true idealist fashion, I did something crazy- yet expected. As I’ve noticed many of my family members (my brother, cousins) and many friends signing up and completing running races this spring and summer, I felt the nudge to give it a try…  this summer.

And of course, I didn’t do what a reasonable person would do on their first ever running race. You know, like sign up for a 5K or 10K or a walk-a-thon or… you get the idea.

Nope… not me.

I signed up for a HALF MARATHON.  13.1 miles. Thirteen point one miles. One mile multiplied times thirteen, plus another tenth of a mile. ACK!

Could have been a full, mind you, but still. This is someone who has never ran more than 4 miles at a time in her life. (And that was one time that I did that, back in high school!).  Since I started “training” (emphasis on the quotation marks) back at the end of May, I’m not able to run/jog/walk (yes I do need to walk some) a whopping 5 miles now.

Please don’t remind me that this race I happily and gleefully and naively (is that word?) signed up for is more than double that. Please just let me be oblivious to this fact and allow me to be excited that I am able to run more than a mile without wheezing and feeling dizzy. Yes, that’s what I was doing on my first run around the block a month and a half ago. Oh progress, how I love thee!

So… August 14th, it’ll be here before I know it. Only about 6 weeks away. 13.1 miles. A challenge that I really do plan to complete for once in my life (especially also since some money was invested…).

Wish me luck! Well, actually, I don’t believe in luck. Instead, pray for me! And run around your block a couple of times while you’re at it.

Oh and how about leave me a comment, too? (Because, have you seen how many comments I’ve had lately? Probably not since well, there haven’t been any. I know someone out there is reading this. Really, I know (and hope!). Please oh please, show some love and support to this crazy lady!)