A Critique Worth Reading

After reading and reading about health and nutrition the last 8 months or so, I’ve definitely had moments of utter confusion and frustration. There’s so much information out there, much of which can be quite conflicting. Whose research and conclusions can you really trust? One person says this way of eating is bunk, whereas the other spouses great health benefits and healing from real life experiences.

I’m still thinking and praying through it all, and probably will be for a some time (yet hopefully not my whole life, because I want to move on to bigger and better things here!), but I wanted to point you all to a great article I just read (most of it). The post is quite long and detailed, but I think worth at least skimming. The author seems to have a balanced view, as a mostly vegetarian herself, on a very popular pro-vegetarian book called The China Study. Though I haven’t read this book myself, it’s one I have had recommended to me. I still plan to read it someday, but after reading this article, may have a different view on the implications of the book afterward.

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3 responses to “A Critique Worth Reading

  • Jen @ Jewel of the Prairie

    I read part of the China Study. After the first couple of chapters, I pretty much got the point. I also skimmed the article you linked to. I think in the end, a lot of the choices we make about food and health comes down to what we care about – is it an environmental choice to be vegetarian? is it religious? is it a nutritional issue? For some reason, it might be all of these things. What I think is most interesting from a nutritional/health standpoint, is that there really isn’t anything BAD about being a vegetarian, but there is probably a lot more that is bad about NOT eating vegetables, and that, to me, is significant.

    Also, even though I know it’s not super scientific to cite personal connections or stories, I do know a few people who dramatically altered their health by becoming vegetarian and organic in their eating (several of them did it because they had cancer).

    Recently, I’ve been reading the companion book to Food Inc (even though I haven’t seen the movie yet!) and I’m realizing that what bothers me most is the environmental and economic mess that is a result of our countries obsession with meat. We probably do eat way more than we need to to begin with, but you add all the extra “cost” into what goes into a pound of beef, and it’s just kind of sobering, ya know?

    At the same time, I don’t think we’ll become vegetarian. But I do think we’re going to be cutting back on the amount of meat we eat. Plus, we are going to purchase local pasture-raised poultry, and hopefully beef. We don’t really eat processed foods a whole lot (basically just pasta, rice, and cereal is the only ‘boxed’ foods we buy) so I think we’re making some good choices there.

    I think the next step for me is canning :-) So we can have in-season fruits and veggies in the winter. I’m excited about that!

  • durianrider

    Gday crew,nice blog.
    How come NONE of these pro meat bloggers have any real muscle with all that protein talk? :)

    Come and see if ANY of you guys can out bench press/dead lift us at

    Here is the website for the doubters.

    Mike Arnstein ran a 2:28 marathon this year at Boston. He is the FASTEST runner in the raw food movement today. Long time vegan and now powered by sweet fruit. How come there is no competitive athletes eating this ‘paleo fat diet?’ Please shut me up and show me cos Im sick of seeing cardio and muscle deficient paleo crew trying to debunk the china study that us elite athletes are thriving on.

    Can you debunk me with a high fat eating paleo athlete that is a national level runner, cyclist, power lifter, UFC fighter like us vegans clearly have provided.

    Didnt think so.. :)

    Love, peace and banana grease.


  • imaginecreation

    Nice layout, by the way (mine’s the same, for the moment). I’ve been wanting to learn to make pasta from scratch . . . I don’t think I’ll ever grow rice, but ya never know. Anyway, we are attmepting to buy more and more of our produce and, hopefully meats, locally and naturally as well . . . kinda switching slowly (can get SO SO expensive!), but better than nothing, eh. :0) I’ve been making bread recently for our house and the farmer’s market in our town is nice . . . makes it much easier!

    I don’t know why I felt the need to share that, except that you were my inspiration . . . keep it up.


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