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Book List 2011

For my own accountability, I’ve added a long list of books to a page linked above these posts that I’m hoping and praying to get through in 2011. I know I won’t probably get through them all, especially since I’ll be spending much more time in the Word, but it’s my prayer to keep my mind focused on the Lord, and one of those ways is to saturate my mind with encouraging, convicting, and wise godly teachings. In order to do this, I’m going to be seriously limiting my time on other things like facebook, twitter, reading blogs, etc. Although I’ve finally dwindled down my blog subscriptions to only the ones that are really going to encourage and strengthen my faith and my family life, I still find myself spending probably up to couple hours a day (usually this is at work… eek!) reading blogs and social networking. Not good! Plus, another goal of my husband and I’s for the future is to spend more time with actual real life people, not virtual people!

I’m hoping to do little mini reviews and/or updates throughout the year on the books I’ve read, but since I do work full time and am going to be doing all this reading, I don’t want to set any big unreachable goals with doing this. We’ll see how it goes!

I gotta say, this is all kinda making me feel like I’m back in college, and I’m getting a wee bit stressed just thinking about it! But I know that this is something that will ultimately strengthen me and point me to Christ through being in God’s Word and learning from other believers! I find that when I’m not reading such things, I tend to go down paths that only lead to discouragement, depression, and destruction.

So please, if you could, I would be so very thankful for you to be praying for me as I prepare for an exciting year that will, Lord willing, be like no other!


2011… Challenging myself!

I’ve never really been one who sets goals and actually follows through with them. Great at planning, but not at the follow through. Laziness, is what they call that! With some goals, I give myself grace and just keep trying again and praying for discipline. But, for the last couple years I have tried (and “failed”) at reading through the entire Bible in a year. This has been pretty discouraging, only because I have so strongly desired to do this to grow my in my knowledge of the Lord and to “abide in Him.” I know I don’t need to accomplish this to be a true Christian, but I want to know the Word!

So this next year, as you can probably guess, my goal is to use this blog as a sort of journal for what I hope to be a very enriching and life changing experience… finally reading through the entire Bible!

I plan to do this using the chronological Bible in the New Living Translation. I usually read the English Standard Translation, since that’s what our church has used the last couple years (and so does our new church) and since I think it’s one of the most literal AND readable translations available. But, when I found this site, through Proverbs 31 Ministries, I decided to go with the translation they’re using. I’ve always liked NLT since it is much easier to understand, and for my first ever time through the entire Bible, I’m excited to have a little “ease” helping me out :) I’m also hoping to have some encouragement from anyone still reading this or who stumbles upon my blog. I plan to use this blog to journal my responses for what I’ve learned from each day’s passage- something old, something new, and then something I can do.

You might want to check out the site I found, . She does a video blog every weekday with what she has gleaned from the reading. I happen to love her southern accent, since one of my best friends is from the south! Makes me miss her and her family!

I have many other goals for 2011 that perhaps I’ll share on here (like John and I finally becoming debt free, Lord willing!!)… but this goal, of reading through the entire Bible, is definitely my top priority for the year!

Have you thought of any big (or small) goals for 2011?