Wickedness of Man… BUT!

(I did this reading yesterday but didn’t have time to do my blog entry… so here it is!)

“The LORD observed the extent of human wickedness on the earth, and he saw that everything they thought or imagined was consistently and totally evil.” Genesis 6:5


Something old:

Because of Adam and the original sin, we are all now wicked, even before we are born. BUT… and that’s an important but!… even though God says he will destroy every living thing on the earth (with the flood; except Noah, his family, and the animals) because of our wickedness, God then goes on to say “But I will confirm my covenant with you.” He doesn’t just kill us all and give up as if we’ve defeated him. He has more power and love than that! He has mercy and still loves his people and is sad over their wickedness. God gives us another chance. And I love how Noah responds: “So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him.” That’s some hearty faith and obedience, after being told that the entire earth will be flooded and it’s up to you to get all the animals ready to go. What little is said about Noah is that he “walked in close fellowship with God.” I’m sure that’s where his strong faith and obedience comes from!


Something new:

Similar to my comment on Noah and his close fellowship with God, I noticed for the first time in Genesis 5 that in the list of Adam’s descendants, one of them sticks out from the others. Enoch was said to have lived in close fellowship with God (for 300 years!) and the way he died, rather than simply saying “and then he died”, it is said that “Then one day he disappeared, because God took him.” I wonder what type of death he had when it says, “God took him.” I am inclined to believe that his death was much different than the others, because of his close fellowship with God, and that he was happy to be taken by God whom he loved and knew so well.


Something to do:

Keep close fellowship with the Lord! And remember always that even from the beginning, God had mercy on sinful man and he always has a perfect plan for redemption and new life!


Day                 2

Remaining   363



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2 responses to “Wickedness of Man… BUT!

  • Amy


    Did you see the rainbow in the sky this morning? I must confess that I was rather anxious this morning about being late and having everything I needed. When I got to prayer, two ladies shared the wonder they saw in the sky right from the parking lot.

    God’s mercies are incredible! Thanks be to Him that instead of destroying us all, He chose to send someone to rescue us. Thank you Jesus!

    May we all lean in closer to Him, trusting He is who He says He is. If we waiver from the word or look to His creation instead, Satan twists and turns things so much easier. May the Lord guard and draw each of our hearts to Himself that we may know HIm more and be filled with everlasting joy!

    Praying for perserverance for us both. Know you are an encouragement and thought of with love.

    In Christ,

    • Carrie

      Amy- I DID see the rainbow! :) What a timely reminder (isn’t it always?) of God’s covenant with us!! Thank you so much friend for your words of hope and encouragement and for your prayers.

      Praying for you and for your perseverence as well…. so grateful for you, Amy!!

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