The LORD answered

“Isaac pleaded with the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was unable to have children. The LORD answered Isaac’s prayer…” -Genesis 25:21a

Something old:

Rebekah gave birth to twins (!) and one of them was thick haired, who they named Esau. The other was grasping his heel, they named him Jacob. The name Jacob sounds like the Hebrew words for “heel” and “deceiver”, according to the notes at the bottom of the page in this bible. Interesting!

Something new:

When we are wanting something, especially something that seems to be according to God’s will (like having children), we can plead to the LORD and ask Him! He will hear our prayers. I like how even though God answered and provided Isaac and Rebekah with children, which I’m sure was a huge blessing to them, there was still trials that came along with their kids. God said to Rebekah, “From the very beginning, the two nations will be rivals.”

I also never noticed that it says Abraham, who died at 175 years of age, “died at a ripe old age, having lived a long and satisfying life.” A blessing from God!

Something to do:

If there is something I truly want (something that I think is according to God’s will), I can plead with the LORD (or perhaps my husband should plead on my behalf!). Trust that the LORD will answer our prayers, but perhaps not in ways that we expect.

Day    8

Remaining    367


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