“He was the one who defeated the Midianites in the land of Moab.” Gen 36:35b

Something old:

The name “Asher” means happy! Love that. Nothing too exciting, but otherwise I don’t remember these chapters from before…

Something new:

There are a couple names in these lists of Essau’s descendents that say what the particular person was known by. These seem kinda unimportant, but give an important lesson. How we live our lives will show and others will remember us for something. 

Also, these chapters give me a greater appreciation for my family and my geneology. My mom researches her family’s geneology… and she finds it so interesting and enjoyable.

Something to do:

Reflect on the path I’m taking and how it will define “my” life (it’s really not mine)… and what others will see and remember about my life. Make choices about “my” time, money, activities, etc that will ultimately reflect what I want to be known by, which is having a love for Christ and others!

Day   13

Remaining   352


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