Not posting about jobs, like an occupation or career, but about the book of Job. :) The last week or so I’ve been reading through the book of Job with my chronological reading and have been enjoying it! I’ll be honest though… I am struggling to understand what to take away from each day’s reading.

When Job’s friends respond and tell him all sorts of “wisdom”, I get confused as to what is true and what is lies. So much of what they say does sound right and wise, but yet when I asked John to help me understand and he consulted our big ESV study Bible (which I hope to use more in the future!), it seems as though much of the wisdom from Job’s friends, regarding why God has caused him to suffer, is full of lies and human reasoning.  That God can and will do as he pleases, without us always understanding.  Sometimes we have immense suffering for so many other reasons than simply as punishment from God for our sins.  As Christians, we are going to suffer, and God will bring us through it and bless us in the end. That’s the big nugget that I’ve gathered from this book so far. I haven’t gotten to the end of the book yet, though.

A couple other things I have learned through this last week or so…

I can’t understand the Word all on my own! I need to pray for understanding and for patience for that understanding!

After reading through the Bible this year (Lord willing!), I’ll still (and always will) have SO much more to learn! I loved reading through Genesis the last couple weeks because so many of the stories became clear to me, but Job… not as much.

With any discipline, such as bible reading or physical training of some sort, even if you don’t feel like it’s going well or that you’re gleaning anything from it, you must push through and persevere. I’m trusting in God to give me understanding when he decides the time is right.

I’m also trusting that God is working in my mind and heart despite my seemingly lack of understanding. His Word is so powerful and active and does not return void! So even when I don’t enjoy the reading or don’t have big “Aha!” moments, I must keep on reading. Just like sometimes we eat things that don’t have much taste or flavor, but we eat it because we know it’s food and will still nourish us. :)

Looking forward to reading Exodus soon!   

And… I’d love to hear what you have learned through reading the book of Job! This is a book that I have never really studied before… so I’m excited to learn!


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3 responses to “Job

  • Brittney

    Good thoughts Carrie! I agree about being confused about Job…. I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Although God says he can use all things FOR good, I think it’s also crucial that we remember he has plans for our good, our future, and Satan is the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. But so often it seems like believers will say that God is putting them through a negative situation to teach, etc. He may be USING the situation, but I don’t think God CAUSES our harm… Satan does. And the sin that has entered the world. Then again, many Christians discount Satan and sin as a real person/force today. Interesting…. sorry I don’t know if this even makes sense but those are some of my thoughts.

    I agree with you also that sometimes we have to fumble through and God will open our understanding later. My Bible Study talked about that this week – that if we knew everything at once and God’s mystery was gone we would quickly become bored with our faith.

    Also, I remember when my niece died I went through a lot of anger and questioning. God allowed me to pour out my true feelings but then about a week later as I was reading I came to Job – the end where God answers him and says things like “where were you when the foundation of the earth was laid?” Finally I sensed the Spirit saying – here you will come, but no further… you need to stop trying to understand and just trust me. That was pretty much the extent of my understanding that day! But it did put God’s power in perspective for me so in many ways it was enlightening and certainly good for my spirit.

    OK I’ll wrap up this novel now – ha ha! I get so much out of your blog posts – thanks for doing this – I think it’s cool to hear the stories fresh through someone else’s lens.

  • Amy


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and struggles. Job is a tough book to wrap our heads around. Our God is jealous for His glory. Through all the suffering he allowed to be inflicted upon Job, He kept His hand upon Him allowing Job to continue to praise His name. It brings me comfort to know that God is more powerful than Satan. It brings me comfort to know that God is even in control of our suffering. He allowed His perfect son to suffer, how much more do we actually deserve it?! The fact that God stays His hand upon us is such a demonstration of His mercy and love. God has a plan for His people. It will not be painless, but it will indeed be glorious.

    May we press on in our walks of faith knowing like Job that we deserve nothing, but praise God’s name continually for all the good gifts He brings into our lives – the biggest and most significant – eternal salvation through Christ Jesus.

    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about Exodus. I’ve just started reading this as well. You continue to be an encouragement to my heart! May you press on in the grace our Lord supplies.

    With love in Christ,

  • texasknights

    Hi long lost friend!!! Haven’t heard from you in while !
    I LOVED reading Job last year. I was surprised at all the “aha” things packed in the book. I got thru April reading and then I drifted off! UUUGH! Keep it up!

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