I am a Christian, my identity is in Christ.  Praise God! Though I certainly struggle to honor and bring glory to the Lord, it is the ultimate goal and aim in my life, and I know that through Christ’s blood, God looks upon me with love and favor, but only thanks to him, not me! I hope I can be of some encouragement to seek and know the Lord in your life,  and to find joy and peace in your Creator and Redeemer! He promises to deliver! :)

I am a wife. Got married at the ripe age of 21 to the man I love most dearly, John. I seek to respect and serve my husband with a joyful and humble spirit (as I hope to do with anyone, but especially my husband!). I am very excited for the life God has planned for us together over the years! We bought our first home the summer of ’09 and also our first “child”, aka a puppy! He (Max) is crazy but I still love him. In a couple years, once my husband establishes a more steady career and income as a personal trainer/coach, we hope to start having children. I can’t wait!

Finally, I am a nurse who works at a large inner city hospital. God has given me a passion to care for those afflicted with various illnesses in the hospital setting, to provide them physical, emotional, and spiritual nurturing in time of need. Though this job can be very physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining, it is very rewarding and I can see the Lord working in so many people’s lives.

SO- I hope to get to know you better through this blog. Please leave me a little note/comment sometime! I haven’t had much traffic around here (I understand why, I’m not a gifted writer by any means!) but I do love to meet people and grow with others, even through such feeble means as a blog!


2 responses to “About

  • playingmanyparts

    I have been wanting to stop in and say hi since you stopped by my blog to say hello. . .took me long enough. . .but “HI.”

    I also got married at 21 and it has been amazing to grow up with the man I love. . .blessings as you move through the stages of life together.

    Congratulations on the job and hang in there through these last few horrible weeks of school.

    Peace in Christ,

  • bloginmyeye

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. And congrats on the new job. Is Cyn a friend of yours in “real life”?

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