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Soup and Fajitas

I ended up making a couple things after my last post that were great and helped me use up some of those ingredients. One was Heidi’s potato soup, which was amazing! Funny thing is that my Papa (Grandpa) asked me for the recipe (on facebook, even more funny) and he accidentally put 3 cups of flour instead of 1/3 cup… oops.

So tasty though, when made right! Thanks Heidi!

I also tried making my own homemade pasta sauce using canned diced tomatoes, fresh basil and parsley and a couple other ingredients. These weren’t really on my “list”, but it was something I had been meaning to try for awhile. It came out runnier than I would have liked, but it was much more flavorful than I would have imagined it to be. I even got to use my immersion blender that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas. Yay! That’s definitely going to come in handy over the years.

And to top it all off, tonight I made fajitas for the very first time with my new-ish cast iron skillet. You have to understand, this is my husband’s absolute favorite meal, so he’s been nudging me to make them for a while now. I’ve always been afraid to for some reason. It was so easy! I used a recipe from and used these cute mini sweet peppers that I picked up from Costco with my mom. All in all, great quick meal.

Husband was VERY pleased, and even more pleased when I did the dishes right afterward. Sometimes it’s amazing how I forget to do those simple things to bless him.

His response? “I also really like ice cream and beer…” Oh dear.


An Early V-Day

This was awhile ago now, but who cares!

My wonderful and thoughtful husband treated us to a surprise night out at a hotel in Minneapolis (see here) the week before Valentine’s Day. Thank you,, for helping us get such a good deal! It was a great time to get away for a bit and enjoy not thinking about work or cleaning and daily life. The funny part though? We get up to our room and see that we got two double beds! Whoops.

Since this place was on Nicollet Mall, we could just walk a couple blocks to some well-known fancy shmancy restaurants.  We decided to go here, and boy was it yummy! We both ordered the corn tacos and really enjoyed them. The way they presented the food was really beautiful too; the plates were so pretty and cute!

Even though we tend to go “out” to eat pretty often these days, we haven’t been to a nice restaurant in a long time, or ever even.  So I’m hoping my husband and I can do these little date nights out more often. It was great!

Nocturnal for Good

This past Monday night was my first official 12 hour night shift at Regions. It went well! Of course the nurses I work with are all super nice and helpful, so that helps a ton. I worked another shift the next night, and both of those shifts were pretty slow, I’ll admit. Normally they aren’t that slow, they all said, but man, I was struggling. Plus, I did not bring enough food! Twelve hours is a long time to be working and you don’t realize how much you normally eat when you’re awake for 12 hours. Usually you would have had 2 or 3 meals if it was during the day.

I’m definitely adjusting to living a nocturnal lifestyle now. Since I don’t want to totally mess up my internal clock, I’m trying to keep it consistent even on nights when I don’t work. This poses a problem though, since our apartment is so open and since John sleeps at night. I can’t do a whole lot then because most things are somewhat noisy (like cleaning, for example). Last night I did manage to do the dishes at 3am though! Does anyone have any ideas of things I could do at night that would be productive or enjoyable that aren’t noisy but also don’t make me want to go to sleep right away? I love reading, but for now that still makes me sleepy at night… dang it.

So anyway, John also started school this past week and so there’s another change thrown at us. He’s doing so well already and keeping up with all his reading and homework. It’s so great to see! I’m excited for when he is finally able to become a special education teacher and enjoy it! Hopefully then I won’t have to work quite as much as a nurse, but we’ll see!

Please be praying for us as we are ajusting to all these big changes… it definitely is taking some adjusting!

Changes, Possibly

The past week or so has been quite the week. The hospital I work at has had a really low patient census, which means they need less nurses, which means I don’t get to work much since I’m new and have virtually no seniority. Bummer. Especially since this week (with all the time off I had!), my husband and I discovered how much we LOVE the town of Hudson, WI and would really hope and love to move there eventually. We recently found out that John got accepted into UW-Stout to finish his BA in Special Ed, and since that’s a good hour drive east of here, we hope to move a little closer while still being close enough to where I work in St. Paul. Phew! That was quite the run-on. :)  

So, it’s been a bunch of mixed feelings and thoughts as we get excited about John going back to school in the spring and about us maybe moving to Hudson (and to a townhouse hopefully!) while hearing news of possible lay-offs at my work and also waiting to find out which job John will get. Sorry, I left that bit out. John’s been the job hunting king lately. I think up to 10 applications have been submitted thus far. He’s after them!  Kinda feels like we’re in limbo right now. All these possible changes coming at us, but we are trusting our Lord that he has it planned out before we even have a clue what’s happening or going to happen. Cool huh? 

I heard today though, since I finally got to work (it had been almost a week!! three of those were normal days off, but two were either Requested Absences or a Mandatory Cancel… love the name huh?) that they will, in fact, be laying off some nurses from my hospital. I guess the units affected though do not include me, that I know of. What’s interesting though is that I’m currently in my 9month-year long orientation to all the units that I’ll eventually float to, but since they closed the unit I’m on right now due to low census, I’m actually back to the unit I’ve already been on for 2 months. Fun to be back, but kinda pointless. But what do you do when the unit I’m meant to be getting used to is closed? And they can’t float me elsewhere until I’ve been oriented to those units… Hmmm, we’ll see where they stick me next week! 

Can I just say how excited I am that after next week all the political craziness will be DONE? For now at least. SO excited. 

Oh and I’m also really excited that we FINALLY GOT OUR WEDDING ALBUM!! It’s beautiful!


Some firsts that I’ve experienced in the last couple days:

-bought my first pair of dark denim jeans! I love them!

-had my first eye exam since I was a kid (I believe), and what do you know, I found out I don’t, in fact, have the perfect vision I always thought I had. Lately I’ve noticed I’ve been squinting more, so when I went with my husband today for his eye exam, I asked if they had room in the doc’s schedule if he could take a look at my eyes and they had room for me. During the exam I was amazed that when the optometrist changed his little machine around, I could see better suddenly! I’ve never ever experienced that, so it was pretty cool. So, I got a prescription (apparently a pretty simple one… I’m a little far-sided and have a slight astigmatism). John and I both picked out out a pair (with a little tension when I really did not like the ones John wanted for himself)… and we should have them within a week! It’s very weird to think that I’ll be wearing glasses… I’ve been the only one in my family (besides my dad) who hasn’t had glasses for a long time. I’m kinda excited though! I really liked the ones I picked out. Pictures to come sometime soon!

-had my first experience shopping at Trader Joe’s today. In case you haven’t heard  of it, it’s basically a privately owned grocery store, yet there are lots of locations around the country, and they don’t have big name brand stuff but have mostly their own packaged foods which (I think) are all-natural. They also seemed to have a lot of organic foods. I’ve heard so many positive things about it from friends so we tried it out. Doesn’t have the variety or selection I’d like, but it’s nice that they have your basic essentials (plus some) and at reasonable prices, most often cheaper than Target or Cub! 

-and the last one, I’ll be making fish tacos for the first time tonight, and, Lord willing, eating fish tacos for the first time tonight as well! Apparently they’re really yummy? My mom obviously never thought so when I was growing up… never even heard of them until I left college. 

My life’s been pretty exciting, huh? ;) 

Another first that’s coming up… we’re having my sister and my new brother-in-law stay at our place on Saturday night after our cousin’s wedding. First time we’ve ever had a couple stay over with us, and first time we’ll really get to hang out with Jen and Jerod since they’ve been married! Last time we hung out they were busy moving stuff, so it should be fun this weekend. :)

Not a Shadow Anymore

As of Wednesday, I’ll be starting my preceptorship on a medicine unit at the hospital I’m now working at. It will be probably the scariest feeling (exaggerating, yes) when I must go into a patient’s room and tell them, “Good morning, I’m Carrie, and I’ll be your nurse for the day!” Rather than: “Hi, I’m a student nurse with your nurse Anne, but I’ll be doing most of the care for you today.” Eeek, even though I’ll still have resources available, I’m both excited yet REALLY nervous for that first patient who has just ME as their nurse!  Hopefully they aren’t as equally scared of my Tweety-Bird matching scrubs! Ha, that’s not going to happen. Sorry but I can’t help but vent about the frustration of finding simple AND cute nursing scrubs that don’t have Sponge Bob’s, ruffles, or weirdly placed arm pockets on them… seriously! So far I’ve only invested in plain colored scrubs, but I’d really like to find some cute yet not over powerful prints to add to the collection. Any suggestions? (Jodi, you better help me on this one!)

Oh, and if any of you are wondering, the first week of work Continue reading

Secret no longer!

“Deep down inside, most every guy wants to be a secret agent. Someone who is stealthy, resourceful, dangerous and prepared for anything. I know I will never be a secret agent (or maybe I already am), but”

The above is what I recently found in our “Drafts” folder on our blog… written by my lovely husband a couple months ago, never to be seen by me until tonight. I found it quite humorous and thought the rest of the blog world might as well. Perhaps he’ll finish this post someday (though I think it was perhaps the beginning of his post about his backpack!), but since it’s been a few months, I found it time to display… hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.