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Call me crazy, but I signed up for a…

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If any of you know me at all, you know how I usually have pretty lofty goals and hardly ever follow through with them. (HA! Sounds like a great friend/family member to have, doesn’t it?) An idealist is what they call people like me. It’s an exciting yet usually pretty disappointing way to live, honestly.

So in true idealist fashion, I did something crazy- yet expected. As I’ve noticed many of my family members (my brother, cousins) and many friends signing up and completing running races this spring and summer, I felt the nudge to give it a try…  this summer.

And of course, I didn’t do what a reasonable person would do on their first ever running race. You know, like sign up for a 5K or 10K or a walk-a-thon or… you get the idea.

Nope… not me.

I signed up for a HALF MARATHON.  13.1 miles. Thirteen point one miles. One mile multiplied times thirteen, plus another tenth of a mile. ACK!

Could have been a full, mind you, but still. This is someone who has never ran more than 4 miles at a time in her life. (And that was one time that I did that, back in high school!).  Since I started “training” (emphasis on the quotation marks) back at the end of May, I’m not able to run/jog/walk (yes I do need to walk some) a whopping 5 miles now.

Please don’t remind me that this race I happily and gleefully and naively (is that word?) signed up for is more than double that. Please just let me be oblivious to this fact and allow me to be excited that I am able to run more than a mile without wheezing and feeling dizzy. Yes, that’s what I was doing on my first run around the block a month and a half ago. Oh progress, how I love thee!

So… August 14th, it’ll be here before I know it. Only about 6 weeks away. 13.1 miles. A challenge that I really do plan to complete for once in my life (especially also since some money was invested…).

Wish me luck! Well, actually, I don’t believe in luck. Instead, pray for me! And run around your block a couple of times while you’re at it.

Oh and how about leave me a comment, too? (Because, have you seen how many comments I’ve had lately? Probably not since well, there haven’t been any. I know someone out there is reading this. Really, I know (and hope!). Please oh please, show some love and support to this crazy lady!)



So my running blog has been flourishing much more than this blog, but my visitor frequency definitely has not followed suit. Want to stop over and help support me as I get my behind into gear? Please? Thanks! :)

Another One

Yesterday I started another blog that is more focused on my running and health-related goals. Check it out if you want, and offer some support too while you’re at it! :)


So as most of the country probably knows, the Republican National Convention is going to be in St. Paul, MN this coming week. Perhaps not all of you readers know that I live in St Paul and our apartment is probably an 8 minute walk from the Xcel Energy Center where all the action will be. I also work super close to this center and if I had to drive to work (I walk), I would have to park kinda far away from the hospital and get shuttled into town. Our hospital is expecting a super low census over the week of the RNC, especially on the post-surgical unit that I’m on right now since there aren’t any scheduled surgeries (just emergent ones will happen). And I’m supposed to be taking care of four patients each day this coming week, probably won’t happen because we won’t have enough patients for each nurse to have four (that’s the most a nurse typically has on a day shift at our hospital, which is good!). So we’ll see how that goes. The RNC may prolong my orientation just because of lack of patients… 

But anyway, it’s going to be a very interesting week. I’ve already seen some protests (if seeing hippy looking 20-somethings on bikes mingled with many many St. Paul police officers counts as a protest) and I’m sure we have a lot yet to come. We will probably be able to just walk down our block and look down over the Xcel and see some of the action. I’ve also been noticing lots of helicopters flying overhead, which is already starting to get annoying but I’m sure will just be increasing over these next few days. It’s going to be weird to be watching the RNC broadcasted on the news knowing that it’s only a couple blocks away! Probably won’t ever happen again in my lifetime. 

This was a pretty boring post, but like a said a couple days ago, I’m trying to stay up to date on this thing. I’ve noticed that it really helped me to get out my thoughts about work the other day and I felt a lot more at peace after just typing it all out. 

So, tomorrow John and I and my brother-in-law, David, are probably heading to the Minnesota state fair. We usually go every year. It typically consists of walking around and looking at various farm animals and people watching (sometimes that’s more interesting than the animals!) and of course, eating the obligatory mini-donuts, grilled sweet corn, Sweet Martha’s bucket of cookies (sadly, my husband knew the exact name of them!), and the bottomless milk station. Should be lots of fun, and calories! Which is why I’ll be up bright and early to do a nice long (aka 2 mile) run tomorrow…


As of tomorrow I would like to join my blog friend Stacy in an adventure in running/jogging/walking. I’ve wanted to be more committed (motivated might be a better word) to jogging regularly because it really makes me feel a lot healthier and enjoy life more. I also want to be able to keep up with my husband who has been a pretty avid runner these past couple months. He’d be thrilled if I could run with him and not lag behind, and also be able to hike with him when we go camping.

I used to be pretty active in sports (soccer especially) and even was in a season of cross-country running in high school. It didn’t go over too well though with my knees, so I didn’t really ever get into the groove of being a “runner”. My goal isn’t so much to be a marathoner or anything of the sort, but to at least be consistent and try and improve slowly. I probably can’t run a mile without either going super slow or walking right now, but eventually I hope to run/jog a couple miles enjoyably. I’ll try and keep you all updated on how it goes. Hopefully Stacy and I can keep each other accountable!


So we haven’t technically had internet these past couple weeks, but we occasionally pick up someone’s signal nearby and can maybe check email once a day. I don’t know if that’s considered stealing or not, but I figure if someone doesn’t want others to use their signal, they would lock it up, and perhaps they are okay with sharing it with others. I think eventually we will get our own wireless internet, and I’d be fine allowing others to use it… it just seems silly that there’s probably over 30 people in our building and we all have our own internet when it would make so much more sense to have only a few connections and share it between us all….

But anyway… enough about that…

I’ve been struggling lately to really study for my nursing boards as I would like to be doing. I have just a day under a month now until my exam, and there is most definitely plenty of material for me to cram into my head again, but it is difficult now that I’m done with school to be motivated to study again, especially without any sort of schedule. I just have to be ready for my exam (and know just about everything I’ve learned over the past two years in nursing school, somehow) by July 10th. Must keep plugging away!

In other news, we got a fish last night for our fish tank! It’s a 55 gallon tall tank, so it’s pretty big. For the past week we’ve been letting the water filter and get ready for some cute fishies to inhabit it… and finally yesterday we got our first “hardy” fish, an Oscar fish. We named him Wally, since we got him at Wall-Mart. He’s super cute and enjoying his new home it seems! At first I was all worried about the little guy because he was ‘resting’ at the bottom of the tank and he wasn’t eating any of the little pellets we put on the top for him, but eventually he must have because they’re gone now! This morning we woke up to a very lively and active fishy, and he really likes to swim through all the bubbles that come from the two bubbler strips… whatever they’re called.

And on another subject (I really should make all these different posts, but oh well)… I’ve been blessed to have read some super good spiritual growth books lately when I take breaks from studying (or maybe it’s the other way around… I take breaks from those books to study nursing? Hmm…). One of the books is about humility and it’s been very convicting. I’ve known for years that pride is the ultimate sin and that God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble. And that he looks to the one who has a broken and contrite heart. I’ve noticed just how pride permeates into so many areas of struggle, whether it be with my words toward John, my lack of confession/repentence toward others and to God, and my laziness in cleaning our apartment and in studying for my exam. It’s all rooted in my own self-righteousness and pride. Some good practical tips I’ve taken ahold of from book (Humilty: True Greatness, by C.J. Mahaney) are to begin each day acknowledging my dependence on the Lord for everything, since all that I have and am given is totally from Him and not myself, and also at the end of each day to thank the Lord for the day and for all he has provided. Pretty basic, I know, but it’s amazing how easily you can stop doing even those two simple things which really help battle the sin of pride. Some other very convicting things… I have been realizing that when I’m critical of others (which I so often am), it’s rooted in my pride and in focusing on what is wrong with others (as if I have it all figured out, ha!)… when I really should be focusing on the evidences of grace and of the Spirit that I observe in others. Of course there are definitely times to discern if one of your brothers/sisters is sinning and is unrepentent of it and then to exhort them, but that shouldn’t always be my focus (or shouldn’t be the majority of what I focus on). How encouraging it can be to others to point out how you’ve seen fruits of the Holy Spirit and of spiritual gifts at work in them and to let them know! I hope and pray to do this so much more, by God’s grace alone.

Oh (yes, more randomness!)… I’ve been running outside more often!  I love running around the area that we live in! Slowly but surely I’ll be gaining more endurance and strength and then I’ll start going downtown with John to the local Y, where he runs to a couple times a week to workout (and then runs back… crazy man). Praise God, though, for helping me get back into a more active lifestyle. Feels great, and I hope it continues.

One last random tid-bit…I am LOVING cooking more!!! Another praise to God! I tried, I think, cooking five new recipies over the past week! I plan to continue trying more of them and compiling a great recipe book for our family, and who knows, by the time we have kids I’ll have plenty of ones ready to go!

Lasted 5 minutes

Interesting how 5 minutes while doing anything at home goes by in a snap of the fingers, but my attempt at running outside today only lasted about 5 minutes yet felt like an hour. Oh boy, my body was not prepared for running again. I’ve been off and on running, and I mean really off and on (three times a week for two weeks and then months of no running/exercising, for example), for many years now and I’m really getting sick of never sticking to it. I know this is the story of all our lives, but honestly, I want to commit to running more often and make it a habit. It’s not that I want to become a star marathoner or anything, but to at least take care of my body and treat it as the temple of the Holy Spirit as I’ve always wanted to do. The words of the apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans really ring true here… I don’t do the things that I know I should do or want to do.  (And I do that quite well! ha)  So I hope by sharing this new (for the ?th time) endeveor with the “world” (aka the blogging community) will help keep me a little more accountable and track my progress.